Mobile App Development Trends to Watch in 2019 and Beyond

At the end of 2018, a number of mobile apps downloaded worldwide will reach 205.4 billion. To win people’s attention mobile application developers each year use more and more nontrivial and complex technologies.

We prepared for you a list of mobile application trends to watch in 2019. Keep on reading to ensure your app with millions of users.

Trends in Mobile Development

1.Augmented Reality (AR)

While the mass spread of Virtual reality (VR) still needs time, AR or augmented reality, increased its usage dramatically.

AR doesn’t make a completely virtual world, it changes or adds something to the present moment. Moreover, augmented reality provides a more personalized experience for users while shopping, training or visiting events.

Google and Apple demonstrated their new demos based on AR with an easier implementation of the technology. When VR is not so actively developed for introducing it to mobile applications, AR is widely used and will continue to increase the number of users.

2.Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML have already created a huge impact on the development of mobile technologies.

Whether you want to unlock your phone with the help of face or translate languages in real time using a camera, know, you are using AI and ML technologies.

Moreover, with the help of the technologies, security concerns and issues have been reduced. With the growing need to ensure cybersecurity these technologies are growing impressive.

3.The Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of things is a technology which connects physical devices, digital machines and objects, which utilize software, sensors and other forms of connectivity for the sharing of information.

IoT in mobile applications offers more flexible and less money consuming platform comparing to web apps. Technologies are used in a number of spheres and will get more and more popularity. As an example of an IoT application check our ideal smart parking solution.

4.Android Instant App

Android Instant App combines the power and productivity of application with the operative work of the site. Instant Apps allow users to use an application without installation, which increases engagement with an app.

Use this trend to gain more installs by surfacing your instant app across Google Play, social networks and anywhere you will share a link.

5. Chatbot

Chatbots in the future will hold more than a half of all customer support online service.

People, born after the 1980s prefer texting to call, so the technology will increase its popularity. They provide fast help to customers, reduces a company’s operational costs and drives revenue. If you are not using Chatbot, a new year will be a great opportunity to add it to your app.

Keep in mind, that not all apps need chatbots. Such a solution will be rather useful if you have an application in e-commerce, education or in the financial sphere.


In 2018 a number of mobile applications based on Android and iOS reached more than 2 million for each of the platforms. A simple app will have few chances of success,so try to add any of the features mentioned above to ensure downloads of your app.

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