Just kidding, King James didn’t do a Q&A with me, he said he was too busy so I let him slide this time. However, I am moving back to California.

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Instead of LeBron I collected the normal FAQs and given them a run down below:

Q: You’re moving?!?!

I move a bit more than your average gent, just made a new move over to the land of avocado toast and overpriced coffee aka the city of angels aka Los Angeles. You may recall i’ve lived here before where I worked with both Snapchat, Casper, and some other cool brands.

Q: Why, I just got used to the fact you’re in… where are you again?

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After months of hearing pitches, canvassing the venture world, and negotiations, we finally chose the next 10 companies that will impact the real estate, insurance, home services, financial spaces.

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The Moderne Passport is a seven month long industry immersion program that provides participants the education, exposure, insight, and relationships that drive customer growth. The new Passport Companies have already raised over $50M in outside capital coming into the program from some of the top strategic and venture investors globally.

Learn more about our new companies below:

Auctio — Referrals are your best leads. Use Auctio to recruit, build clientele, drive renewals, referrals and any action at all. Auctio is an easy to use loyalty and reward program that integrates with your CRM to manage all of your referral marketing initiatives. …

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For founders, it’s clear that building a team is essential to your startup’s success. But when it comes to managing employees, will you be a boss or a leader?

The Times, They Are A-Changin’

With change comes new challenges. New technology breeds a faster-paced environment and a competitive marketplace, which has created an opening for Millennials to become a key piece of the hiring puzzle for startups.

They bring new ideas and a different perspective, and can be a cost effective approach to hiring (although some recent computer science grads may command higher salaries due to the demand of their skills).

So, how can founders utilize one of their largest and most important assets: their employees? Even if they are themselves a member of the Millennial generation, how can they successfully manage their peers? …

Buying a house is normally a stressful process, buying a house for business use is another ballgame. Especially when that ballgame is with a 25 year old trying to buy a house from co-founder of Techstars Brad Feld… but I’ll get to that in a bit.

For years I’ve been a property manager, trying to save hard earned money where I could, but this year I’ve pivoted the model and started running co-living communities in San Francisco.

What was the problem? We were broke, young, and didn’t know anyone in San Francisco.

What did we do? We opened a house where people can live in community at a lower cost to split a room with another person. …

Is addiction really a bad thing? Jane Wang, Founder and CEO of Optimity, a mobile health and medical guardian application thinks not.

“I look at addiction for good: you see what I’m addicted to and what others are, and I obsess about how we can use the same mechanism to make ourselves super-humans. If you can get people to be addicted to the right things, it’ll build powerful habits early and you have just helped our species evolve.”

My most recent interview with Jane was a whirlwind of emotions that ultimately focused on the now to improve our future. …

Oleksander Bondarev (Alex for short) is a Co-Founder at SentiSum, a company that uses artificial intelligence to help enterprises better understand their customer opinion.

Alex is often found explaining confusing concepts on whiteboards and closely follows the progress in this industry, thus, starting a company using the base of natural language processing to better understand what the future of the field looks like.

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Cool eyeball AI thingy is courtesy of Getty Images 🙌

B: Thanks for taking the time out today Alex. Our focus for MMXL is future technology and the impact on society it will have. What do you think the future will look like?

Bleak than wonderful. We’re going to have a new definition of what it means to be human. …

Mark Mayers, MIT researcher by day, indie game developer by night. Mark received his degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University in Boston and has been working in the cross section of programming professionally and personally.

After graduating from Northeastern in December 2014, Mark began working at MIT Lincoln Laboratory. Throughout 2015, he created distributed high-performance computing software, creating algorithms which process large datasets with supercomputers. In late 2016, he transitioned to a research project involving image recognition with convolutional neural networks.

Since 2014, Mark has been actively involved in independent game development. His current endeavor is Desolus, a virtual reality game where you manipulate energy from a black hole to travel between alternate dimensions. Think Portal meets Stranger Things. The game is set in a surrealist and abstract environment reminiscent of a Salvador Dali painting. Since its inception in August 2014, Desolus has turned from a nighttime project to a large-scale operation with artistic references, new technologies, and an outside of the box perspective on future gaming. …

“The best way to build the future is to create it” the quote from Peter Drucker best explains Singularity Universities vision for the world of tomorrow.

Earlier last month I had the opportunity to attend Singularity University’s demo day at NASA in Silicon Valley. SU is a global community and accelerator that uses the phrase ‘exponential’ to describe the focus of their entrepreneurs who take part in their programs.

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The energy was high, the demo tables were bare, but had just enough energy to catch a passerby interest. Eleven early stage companies were set to pitch on exponential technologies which shape industry on earth and in space. …


Brett Fink

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