Time and Space and Value… Inclusion

I’d like to generalize and share my thoughts with you all.

All things that can be measured can be improved upon.

All of my latest work and arguments are based on the ideal that human’s have intrinsic value; and in confirmation, that value is like that of energy. It cannot be created nor destroyed, but can change form.

In the known or physical world, scientific humans have always used the laws of physics to derive mathematical systems of measurement. Measurement of energy that is. All forms of measurement are just conceptual tools that we use to help us make decisions about real or physical things. Energy is a real thing, derived from the existence and movement of matter. Matter is a real thing.

Of course, anyone who knows me or my work knows that all I really care about are the economics of inclusion, but my approach is an engineer’s. My thoughts are simple. I think that we need to start considering value as a phenomenon with units of measurement similar to that of time (noun/verb) and space (noun/verb); which are, at their core, measuring energy’s (a noun) and matter’s (a noun) existence.

Finally, I think that the units of measurement for value are the personal data points of individuals. As time progresses we’ll identify more and more narrow measurements for value, as long as we can see it. It’ll down to the movement of atoms, quarks, and even strings when we want to get really minute per the rigor of string-field theory. This is similar to the minutes seconds and even nano second that we calculate time with, and the height width and depth that we calculate spaces with. I think that the form of thinking of value to be like that of energy is the most significant tool that humanity has at satisfying the conundrum of inclusion. Further, inclusion of all sorts is at the core of every single PEST (political economic sociological and technological) problem known to humanity, including climate change and micro economics.

We must acknowledge that at the point more than 1 person interacts in a physical space, that they absolutely have and inherent value. That’s why individuals matter. Their efforts to communicate with and understand each other contribute data points that compel all creation. It is important to note, that I identify all creation as technological. Technologies are hardware software and methodologies; or in business, products services and policy respectively. Even culture is a series of methodologies.

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