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9 Marketing Trends To Adopt This Year

Over and again we hear about the same marketing trends that will help you in 2017. It’s clear that social media has been listed among these trends but rarely do we see written the specifics and details of what you can and should do with this marketing trend. It goes far deeper than simple Twitter or Facebook posts. Using social media, among other outlets, to your advantage is just one of the ways in this list of 9 marketing trends that you would do well to focus your sights on.

“Buy” Buttons

Today, there’s no ned to have your consumers link to a third-party site just to order something that they like when it appears on social media. Instead, we’re seeing an increase in “buy” buttons on sites such as Pinterest and Facebook. This is allowing not only spontaneous purchasing but the ability for consumers to shop with ease and avoid site hopping. Expect to see more social shopping in the coming year.

“Dark” Traffic

Private and encrypted messaging apps are on the rise. That being said, there are times when it’s difficult to ascertain where your shares, traffic, and conversions are coming from. What’s the source? Tools like GetSocial.io and Google Analytics allow you, to some degree, to figure out where your dark traffic is coming from.


A trend that is already opening doors is that of IoT. Objects of everyday use are now being linked to the internet. IoT is one of the marketing trends that, without a doubt, you’ve heard being talked about and it shows up on every recent marketing trend blog and article. That’s due to the fact that this trend is going to be a part of the lives of nearly every single consumer out there. If you haven’t, you’d do well to embrace the IoT.


The concept of chatbots is to not know when you are and when you are not talking to a real human being. If you can tell the difference, then your bot isn’t working as intended. Looking, once more, to social media, Facebook has invested a serious amount of resources into their bot programs. They’re providing users with personalized responses as well as news updates and more.

Short-lived Content

Snapchat. What’s the appeal here? Content that disappears after about 10 seconds. This factor attracted a lot of Generation Z members. The humour inside the concept is that Z members have about a 10-second attention span. This attraction is why Snapchat, as a platform, has become so popular and is why you should consider integrating short-lived content into your own strategies.

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Mobile Strategy

The future has all but moved away from being tied to a desktop computer. Nearly everyone has at least two mobile devices. From e-readers to every other flavour of a mobile device, if you’re not catering to the mobile user, don’t expect to get far. If you’re not focusing on this area of content delivery, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity for your marketing. The key here is making sure that your content is being integrated with the users “on the go” lifestyle.

A.I. Solutions

Look for A.I. solutions to continue being part of analytics and advanced applications. This marketing trend is seen on just about every blog and list for advancement in marketing solutions. The ability to predict the consumer’s needs is just one of the advancements that A.I. brings to the table.

Sustainable Products

A search conducted by Unilever shows that consumers prefer to buy sustainable products. They show us that at least a third of consumers are choosing to purchase brands that are based on environmental impact. However, consumers are more apt to trust emerging companies that make it clear that their products are better for the environment than those companies that have been called into question for their effects on the environment in the past. Making it clear that your product is sustainable on the label is important to consumers and a marketing trend that is well worth considering.


Another social media function that has taken off is that of live streaming. This feature is still pushing boundaries and it’s clear that with live streaming also being integrated by Instagram, we’re going to see a lot more of this feature on other social media outlets in the near future. Live broadcasts are, now, nearly a constant sight on Facebook alone.

These 9 marketing strategies and solutions are a mix of widely known trends as well as trends that aren’t as prominent in your typical list. However, each one of them has the ability to bring more to your marketing table and allows for major growth and advancement in the marketing arena. Moving forward and allowing your company to grow so that you can reach your consumers is an ever-changing part of marketing. Your success depends on advancing your abilities to keep up.

• Is there anything on this list that you can adopt into your marketing strategy this year?
 • Can any of these trends separate you from your competition and how?
 • What problems have you encountered when adopting any of these trends?

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