One year ago today: the day that the NFL and Kroenke screwed St. Louis over

One year ago today, the St. Louis Rams relocated back to Los Angeles in a 30–2 vote by the NFL owners. And as expected, they reverted to the Los Angeles Rams, as they were known from 1946–1995, when they relocated from Cleveland in 1946 during their first stint in LA.

In 1995, the Rams relocated to St. Louis, in which they won their franchise’s only post-AFL/NFL Merger-era Super Bowl trophy to date, which happened to be against the Jeff Fisher-coached Titans in 2000. Fisher later coached the Rams during their last years in St. Louis and for most of the LA Rams 2.0’s first season. The Rams went to another Super Bowl a couple of years later, but lost to the Cheatriots in 2002.

As for the Rams’ biggest rivals during their time in St. Louis, I really hated the Seattle Seachickens (especially after moving back into the NFC West in 2002) and the New England Cheatriots (for obvious reasons). I still loathe both teams to this day. During most of those years in St. Louis, the San Francisco 49ers — their principal historical rival — was seen as a minor rival, especially after the 2002 NFL realignment.

My original piece at Daily Kos one year ago:

This evening, the NFL owners have decided to vote 30–2 in favor of relocating the St. Louis Rams back to Los Angeles (Inglewood to be more precise), possibly to share with the Dean Spanos-owned San Diego Chargers. The Mark Davis-owned Oakland Raiders are expected to stay in Oakland.
This means that the conferences and division stay the same. Had it been Oakland and San Diego that relocated to LA, then it would have necessitated moving one of the two teams to the NFC West (most likely Chargers) and consequently forcing a team to move to the AFC West (most likely Seahawks).

Due to the fact that I was born in 1990, a couple years after the former St. Louis Cardinals headed to Phoenix to become the Arizona Cardinals, the St. Louis Rams were the St. Louis NFL team I knew and rooted for with all my heart when they came to town in 1995. But when the vote was announced on that fateful night, thanks in part to owner Stan Kroenke and his professional liar puppet Kevin Demoff stabbing St. Louis and the fans who still supported the Rams throughout their miserable years in the back, me and most of the St. Louis area fans of the team that stuck through during the good and the bad times stopped being fans of the Lambs. While there is still a very small minority of Rams fans in the St. Louis area after the relocation, most of the team’s former fans within a 300-mile radius of St. Louis have either quit following the NFL (with the possible exception for fantasy football), found different teams to root for, or just simply root against the Rams and for whoever’s playing them.

I personally will NEVER forgive Kroenke, Demoff, and the boneheaded “Commissioner” Roger Goodell for sabotaging St. Louis out of an NFL team and will mock them at every chance I get.

I have personally chose the option of switching allegiances, instead of quitting the league cold turkey, because I am too committed to fantasy football to do so. The team(s) I picked are as follows below.

Why I picked the Pittsburgh Steelers:

In the wake of the Rams relocation back to LA, former fans of the Rams had the option of either picking a new team(s) to follow/root for or just simply bail on the NFL. The option(s) that I picked to root for were the Pittsburgh Steelers (as my #1 AFC team and #1 overall [previously #2 overall]) and Chicago Bears (as my #1 NFC team and #2 overall [previously #3 overall]).

And why I picked the Steelers as my #1, as people are wondering? The reasons for it are simple: A franchise and its owners who believe in traditions and the community spirit, the Terrible Towel, 6 Super Bowl rings (the most in NFL history), Kevin Greene, Jerome Bettis, Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, Troy Polamalu, Ben Roethlisberger, Le’Veon Bell, Heath Miller, the big Steelers Nation fanbase, rabid hatred for the Bungles, Cheatriots, and Ratbirds (and Browns), and a spirit of winning (in a stark contrast to my previous team I rooted for)

Why I picked the Chicago Bears:

And why I picked the Bears as my #2, as people are wondering? The reasons for it are simple: They are relatively close to St. Louis, Have been rooting for them a long time (but less enthusiastically than the Rams or Steelers), President Barack Obama roots for them, won the Super Bowl in 1985, Matt Forte, Alshon Jeffery, Brian Urlacher, Devin Hester, Charles Tillman, Lance Briggs, Julius Peppers, Lovie Smith, Robbie Gould, and a solid tradition (in spite of several mediocre at best seasons in recent times).

One year later:

One year later today, the Lambs are still a miserable mess after a promising 3–1 start to the season that ended with a 4–12 record and the ouster of Fisher as coach and has since been replaced by Sean McVay. Today, on this fateful day, the San Diego Chargers will join them in Los Angeles, to be known as the Los Angeles Chargers. They plan on sharing a new stadium in Inglewood in 2019 at the earliest, called the City of Champions Stadium. The Oakland Raiders may or may not stay in Oakland. St. Louis could get an MLS team, which should’ve gotten one ages ago.

The Colin Kaepernick-led National Anthem protest displays at games turned off a lot of White and/or conservative-leaning fans and gaining applause among some African-American and/or liberal-leaning fans. Donald Trump (R) is getting ready to be our next “President” on January 20th, succeeding Barack Obama (D) after 8 years of holding the title of President.

As for my two favorite teams: The Steelers made the playoffs, while the Bears miss out again. I truly believe that the Steelers are destined to win their 7th Super Bowl ring. And as always, screw Kroenke, Demoff, and Goodell until the end of time!

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