So, about our name…
Paul McDonald

So were Latinos part of your survey? Are they part of your marketing team? Are they involved in funding this project? Are you giving Latino’s an opportunity to run these stores or hiring Latinos who are creating this app/writing the program for you? No? This is misappropriation.

Bodegas are everywhere, I lived in East Boston, and going to them was an experience. As a Latina, bodegas, salons and barbershops…to me those three shops are the heart of the community. You are correct, no machine will ever replace the sentiments these establishments bring to a community.

Technology is something I very much embrace and love, but I hope you and other future entrepreneurs realize that you can pay homage to a culture without replacing it and trying to rebrand it. You can say bodegas inspired you, but name it something else. Rebranding a product is one thing, but you cannot rebrand a culture. My culture is not for sale.

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