DeAngelo Williams has been very entertaining this off season.

Even though he was not able to ink a deal yet this off season, former Pittsburgh running back, DeAngelo Williams has stayed in the spotlight.

Former Pittsburgh Steelers and Carolina Panthers running back, DeAngelo Williams has had quite an off season. Although he has yet to find a team that is interested in signing him weeks away from when camp begins, the 34 year old running back is still waiting for his third team to call him.

Just because Williams isn't on a team does not mean he has stayed away from the spotlight, for good reasons of course. The former first round pick wanted to stay in shape this off season, so he decided to do it while taking up another hobby. Williams decided to train in professional wrestling during his time as a free agent.

One and Done

Its not rare that a professional football player transitions into wrestling after the NFL. In fact, many big named superstars on the WWE main roster have had at least a brief stint in the NFL. Guys like Brock Lesnar, Baron Corbin, Roman Reigns and many more have been to the NFL before they made it in professional wrestling.

In Williams case, he had a much more successful stint in the NFL before he wrestled professionally for one night on Impact Wrestling. For those unfamiliar, Impact is formerly known as TNA: Impact Wrestling and is right under the WWE and NXT in professional wrestling. Check out a clip of his debut.

Wow, that was actually pretty impressive. We see famous people get in the ring all the time and don't look half as good as DeAngelo did there. Seems like he has a future in the ring if no NFL teams call by the start of the season.

That was until Williams went flying off the top rope and almost suffered a legit neck injury. He claims that the momentum from the crowd was so high that he got overly excited and confident in the jump, and ended up going face first over a table. The impact was just enough though as Williams pinned his opponent and won the match. He told Adam Schefter days after that he was officially retiring from wrestling though, undefeated of course.

Don’t even bother…

Since his wrestling debut/retirement, he has done more then Impact during the off season. He did a guest spot on Adam Schefter’s podcast called “Know them from Adam”. He was brutally honest when asked about which teams he would rather not get a call from. Those teams included:

  • Carolina Panthers
  • Cleveland Browns
  • Dallas Cowboys
  • Jacksonville Jaguars

He was very brief on the reasoning why he wouldn't like to play for the Jaguars and the Browns, but the reasoning is pretty obvious. Clearly wherever Williams ends up it would most likely be on a one-year deal. When free agents are near the end of their careers they tend to go wherever the money or the super bowl is. Clearly the Browns and Jaguars are light years away from winning a Super Bowl, so its obvious that it is not the best team for a veteran like Williams.

As far as the Cowboys and Panthers goes, Williams has some hard feelings towards them. His situation with the Panthers dates back to his playing days with them from 2006 to 2014. He stated that he had no problem with them letting him go, but he had a problem with how they handled things over in Carolina. He didn't go very in-depth on the topic, but he said he definitely would not like to have a reunion with his former team.

His reasoning for not liking the Cowboys would surely make Dallas haters happy. DeAngelo just straight up doesn't like the Dallas fan base. He also went to on tell the listeners pretty much that the Cowboys haven't won anything big since 90’s. “They win, they just don't ever show up for the playoffs”. Taking a look back at last season he was right. The Cowboys finished at the top of the NFC with a 14–2 record, just to lose in the first playoff game against Green Bay. The 2013–2014 season was the last season the Cowboys won a playoff game and 1995 was the last season the Cowboys made it past the divisional round.

Running his mouth about teams while remaining unsigned probably wasn't best for business in Williams case, but its okay. If Williams can remain entertaining throughout the off season, then there is no doubt in my mind that he could find a backup plan if he isn't on an NFL roster by September.

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