J.J. Watt casually throwing shots at the Big Baller Brand on Twitter.

JJ Watt took to Twitter on Thursday to promote his Reebok branded sneakers.

Well what a week it has been for the Big Baller Brand. First, Sixers star Center Joel Embiid defends his statement towards LaVar Ball and has no regrets. Then the internet went wild as Lakers rookie, Lonzo Ball played in his summer league game wearing Nikes. Now the Houston Texans defensive lineman, J.J. Watt gets his shots in on the brand to promote his new sneakers.

Perfect way to promote your sneakers. Say that they are hundreds of dollars less then competitors, and keep it one dollar under a hundred. I like it. Watt is a man of the people and feels he needs to prove that almost every single day. This was the perfect week to use the Big Baller Brand as a promotion since Lonzo decided to NOT wear his signature shoes this week. So J.J. did a smart thing and pointed that out.

What a burn there from the big fella. Was it funny? Sure. Do I really care that J.J. Watt is smack talking Lonzo Ball? Not really. Lonzo is a 19-year old kid with a spokesperson as a dad. J.J. Watt is 28-years old, I dont really care for a 28-year old sub-tweeting a 19-year kid fresh out of college.

I will say this though, the J.J. Watt sneakers are kind of cool looking. They look just like a normal pair of running shoes but they look great for fitness. Will I go out and buy them? Not a chance. I have had the same pair of running shoes for the past 3 years now, and that's because I never run. Totally irrelevant though. I am just saying, IF you are in the market for new running shoes, then the J.J. Watt collection is something to consider. Just the shoes though, that logo on a shirt is brutal looking.

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