Joel Embiid wins over the Sixers fan base once again with a savage statement.

Philadelphia 76ers Center, Joel Embiid does it again!

Former 2014 third-overall NBA draft selection, Joel Embiid finds himself in the spotlight once again. No stranger to social media, Embiid decided to do one of his random live streams on Instagram yesterday to chat it up with the fans. When one of the viewers made a comment that involved basketballs biggest villain, LaVar Ball, Embiid did not hold back with his three-worded statement. (Hint: its not ‘I Love You’)

“Fu*k LaVar Ball”

What was that?! Yes, Joel Embiid did not hold back on his feelings towards Mr. Ball. In fact, Joel does not seem to be to fond of his son, Lonzo as well. About five minutes after Lonzo’s spokesperson, LaVar made some mighty confident statements about his son, Embiid and teammate, Ben Simmons took to Twitter to express how they feel on the former UCLA star.

Joel then followed up with a tweet of his own, asking for a favor from Ben.

Yikes. Embiid is a big guy with an even bigger mouth. But guess what? Philadelphia absolutely loves it! This guy is a savage, both on and off the court. If Embiid cant manage to stay healthy in his basketball career, I am sure his humor and creative thinking could land him a job in another entertainment field. ‘The Process’ sounds like a great WWE nickname. Book it, RAW!

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