Writing and the Creative Life: The Tactile Experience of Writing
Scott Myers

I now seldom write on paper. I like paper; I buy it by the case. But it’s so much faster to type my first draft. Okay, I play with 3x5 cards, but eventually I drop them when I’ve gotten the good out of them. Now for the exceptions:

If I’m stuck, trying to find a logical thread to follow, I go down to the botanic gardens near me and wander. I make notes n paper or whatever I have with me. Why should A let C go? I brainstorm alternative motivations until I find one that fits. After a dozen false starts, I reach: Because killing C would remove O’s last doubt about A’s sanity. Bingoid. Then on to the next sticking point.

Walking, being surrounded by plants and flowers, sun and shade, the quiet solitude all put me in the mood to do the necessary planning and brainstorming needed.

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