HackerHouse Manifesto

HackerHouse is a community

We believe in living differently to succeed

Vision without execution is just hallucination

Being radical doesn’t mean be an asshole

Our mission is to help Hacker to suround themself with uplifting people

When you enter the HackerHouse you come to learn with the help of your co-hacker

You are here to bootstrap your company or learn new things! We do not accept freelancer

No sexism No ableism No racism No ageism No homophobia No fatphobia

People who enter the house are interviewed to make sure that they fit! We will not hesistate to kick you out if you don’t! So be honest

Be open minded ideas come from everywhere, art, design , music ,architecture and so on

Never say “it have no connection!”

France is a tiny country we want to help people who want to build company to expand globally within a couple of years

We don’t consider this a frat house or a co-working space. This is our home

Done is better than perfect

Angel investor: it almost always takes the right social connections to get into very early stage companies, you win because of your network

You never stop to learn take some times to read and learn new things, don’t feel guilty while learning

In this environment, you get to do what you like, and you excel

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