Studio Moderna — Gateway to Central and Eastern Europe

Equity firm JH Partners looks to invest and help grow companies from around the world. One company that JD Partners made investment in is Studio Moderna, which was founded in Slovenia in 1992. The firm is one of today’s leading multi-brand, omni-channel, and direct-to-consumer digital retailer in Central and Eastern Europe.

Studio Moderna manages more than 100 websites with 280,000 website visitors daily, it broadcasts close to 300 hours of TV commercials daily through over 400 commercial and public TV stations, handles 70 million calls per year, has 357 retail stores, and operates in 21 Central and Eastern European countries.

Its omni-channel avenues include internet, print, retail, retail partners, telemarketing, and direct response TV and home shopping. The company markets and sells beauty, wellness, lifestyle, kitchen and household products, and electronics. Studio Moderna sells its own as well as other brands.

Suppliers, investors, manufacturers, and distributors who partner with Studio Moderna have access to the firm’s formidable marketing resources and expertise, which can turn consumer brands into household names. By partnering with Studio Moderna, consumer brands can have a single gateway to Central and Eastern Europe and more than 317 million consumers.

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