My Rules for Finding the Ideal Job

Jehangir Hafiz
Aug 14, 2016 · 4 min read

As I set out to find my first job after graduating college I thought it might be useful, for both myself and any potential employers, to take stock of where I currently am, what my ideal job might look like, and what I hope to achieve. I will also lay out the criteria that I will use to evaluate all my opportunities.

Some background info:

I graduated Boston University’s Questrom School of Business with a degree in Management Information Systems and Entrepreneurship.

Most recently, I spent a year and a half during and after college founding an entertainment tech startup . You can see everything we built here.

The rest of my background and experience can be found on my LinkedIn.

What kind of job am I looking for?:

For me, the ideal job is the one that best prepares me to eventually achieve my goals. I am looking to one day be a Venture Capitalist and Producer.

Technology and Media have always been the two industries that have grabbed my attention. After having a variety of experiences in both fields I believe those job titles best describe my aspirations.


Venture Capital:

VC appeals to me for a few reasons.

I have always been extremely curious about technology and how it will affect the future. I believe that the best way to describe a venture capitalist is someone who enables and shapes the future. They identify emerging trends, then find technologies and startups that have the potential to move the world forward. They then help grow these ideas into companies that can have a real impact.

Secondly, I think VC would maximize my opportunities to learn. I have always wanted to be an entrepreneur and decided to give it a go upon graduating college. After having worked on few different ideas, I think the best thing that I can do now is put myself in a position where I can learn as much as possible.

VC would put me in an environment where I could learn from the best entrepreneurs and investors. I could learn how to find and evaluate the best new technologies and startups, as well as how to grow an idea into a successful business. VC is also one of the few professions where I could learn how technology would affect many different industries. This is important to me because I am interested in a lot of different fields and would love to work on ideas from all of them.


Media has probably been one of the industries that has evolved the most with technology. This along with the fact that I was always exposed to many different forms of entertainment, resulted in me growing a deep interest in media and how it’s created. I have been fascinated with traditional forms like TV, movies, and radio as well as newer digital forms such as podcasts, youtube, and other short form video content and digital media.

Beyond my interest in different entertainment, I do think that the media has a bigger role to play. Thanks to technology, creating content has never been easier or cheaper. With all individuals, businesses, and organizations having the ability to create content, I think that those who know how to produce the best content will have a distinct advantage and be able to really grab an audience’s attention. Being a great content creator will be essential to being a great communicator.

Lastly, I think that being a producer shares a lot of similarities with entrepreneurship, specifically VC. A producer’s job is to find the best creators and assist them to bring their vision to life. Being a VC and a producer both involve finding and collecting ideas in their earliest stages, followed by helping them grow and reach their ultimate goal.


The following are the criteria by which I will evaluate job opportunities, as well as what I hope to gain:

  1. Work with emerging startups and the latest tech

Learn how to evaluate startups, tech, and other investment. Learn how to build a successful tech company from the ground up. Learn from the best entrepreneurs and investors

2. Be involved with creating content, preferably related to Tech

Learn how to create great content across different mediums (audio, visual, and written). Learn how to find and engage audiences effectively. Learn how to use content as both a tool for marketing as well as a product

3. Work in the following preferred locations: Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, San Francisco

4. Have the opportunity to travel as part of work, or if not, the ability to work remotely at times.

Some Final Notes:

I just have some final thoughts that I would like to conclude with. First off, I understand the difficulty of looking for a job in these areas, especially as a first job out of college. However, my approach will be to strive for the ideal job and then work backwards from there. The absolute ideal job will allow me to work with both Tech and Production.

I will start by looking at VC firms, Startups, and other organizations and businesses that work with early-stage startups. If I am unable to find a job in VC, at a tech company, or at a startup, I will start looking at other potential jobs.

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