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The boom times in transportation and logistics are giving many companies a boost to the wallet. Where should trucking and freight companies invest this added cash in 2018?

The smart money is on one place — truck driver retention.

Top 5 Reasons to Invest in Truck Driver Retention

Below is a list of the top 5 reasons to invest in truck driver retention in 2018, complete with industry statistics and insights to back them up.

#1. Driver Retention is a Growing Competitive Advantage

According to the American Trucking Association, the industry currently has a shortage of 60,000 drivers, a gap that will swell to over 100,000 by 2022.

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Read the original article on the Workhound Blog.

According to industry data, truck driver retention is the most pivotal key to logistic company success in 2018.

While technology focused on collecting data on truck drivers has been all the rage, drivers themselves are revolting against Big Brother-esque technology (think dash cams and ELDs) that provide scarce — if any — value to the drivers themselves.

In 2018, logistics companies looking to gain an edge must zig where everyone else is zagging by placing a profound emphasis on truck driver retention. The best way to do so? …

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The 2nd entry in our #PreziCast series covering The State of Attention Report.

Welcome to 2019. A new year, clean slate, and fresh targets await your sales force.

There will be winners. There will be losers. The battleground will be fought in the hearts and minds of an overwhelmed, distracted buying public.

If you want to prevail in this increasingly crowded and noisy hellscape we call the digital sales world, you must

  • create compelling content that resonates deeply with your buyers.
  • hold compelling conversations with your buyers.

In our first #PreziCast, we showed you how to do the former.


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My friends at Workhound help the most innovative trucking companies in the U.S. source driver feedback and retain their most precious asset — the fine men and women who make our economy go and put in the long hours needed to transport goods from one side of the U.S. to another.

The Workhound gang knows professional truck drivers. To celebrate their greatness, I decided to curate the ultimate trucking playlist. Consider this a Road Trip Playlist for the freight-haulers of the world.

The Ultimate Trucking Playlist on YouTube

To make this list, I curated 40 all-time truck driving anthems. They span 6 decades and numerous genres.

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The Apex Predator revises a misguided playlist from and provides 15 surefire pump-up songs for your sales force.

Hello again, readers.

Before we dive in, I want to start this post with the following disclaimer: PR Journalist Leo Dirr seems like a great guy. My reliable sources tell me that he’s a Stuart Scott fan, high-stakes poker player and freestyle rap battler. All admirable traits in my book.

This isn’t personal, Leo. This is strictly business. Your list of “15 Songs to Get Your Sales Reps Pumped Up” is, in fact, the most ridiculous sales blog post I’ve…

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This post is part of Prezi’s #PreziCast series — a webinar series where we host the best-and-brightest minds to discuss the 2018 State of Attention Report — and what it means for B2B sales and marketing professionals.

Prezi recently conducted a survey of over 2,000 B2B professionals on the ways in which they consume and engage with content and presentations, publishing the results in the 2018 State of Attention Report.

What they found was that buyers need compelling stories from your brand to stay engaged throughout the marketing and sales funnel.

How Storytelling Applies to B2B Sales and Marketing

In our first #PreziCast episode, we invited SalesStack CEO…

Celebrating four years at Ambition by making my exit and publishing The Anthology of Ambition Content Marketing.

Flashback to April 2014.

I was 27 years old. Had failed the Bar Exam. Twice. Six-figure student loan debt from law school. An uncertain future.

One year into my my job as a legal recruiter — I was starting to feel a creeping desperation. Minimal training and tough times in the Florida job market had torpedoed any hope of out-earning my draw against commission — less money than one-year of law school tuition.

I’d resigned myself to taking the Florida Bar Exam and…

Want a surefire strategy that will inspire brokers and drive your bottom-line? Follow this four-step playbook and read 3 case studies from Ambition.

Sales is a brutal roller coaster — and 3PL brokers are no exception. Sometimes, the loads are flying off the screen. Sometimes, you’re struggling to get people just to answer the phone.

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How high-growth 3PLs inspire brokers and drive bottom-line at scale.

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Follow this four-step playbook with 3 case studies from Ambition.

Sales is a brutal roller coaster — and 3PL brokers are no exception. Sometimes, the loads are flying off the screen. Sometimes, you’re struggling to get people just to answer the phone.

How Nathan Sexton left the rat race, found his passion, and inspired the world by completing the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Are you like me? Have you have seen the thousands of LinkedIn users gaming social media by writing grandiose, single graph rundowns of minor adversity?

Nathan Sexton wasn’t one of them. He was too busy sneaking out of the 2017 Boston Marathon hospice tent to finish the race — despite being forbidden to return after having a 5th seizure, mid-race.

The cause of those seizures? Stage 4 Brain Cancer.

If Vanity Fair can cover Mark Zuckerberg running a half-marathon, then someone out there should be covering Nathan’s story. …

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Guerilla marketing strategist serving the under-served. Gig City Ambassador. President of AA-ISP Tennessee.

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