The Ambition Blog’s Greatest Hits

13 months ago, I took over the Ambition Blog with one mission.

Don’t get fired.

There were some close calls, guys, but I’m still here.

A mantra of the Ambition Blog: “Give the people what they want.”

Another core mantra: “Write epic, versatile content for sales, tech and marketing professionals.” And of course: “B2B marketing content doesn’t have to suck.”

Of the 120 blog posts we’ve written so far, the following 20 are the ones that uphold those mantras the best.

I bring you - the Ambition Blog’s Greatest Hits, Volume 1.

Greatest Hits

Side A

  1. Driving Salesforce Motivation and Accountability thru Technology
  2. The Young Professional’s Guide To Sales
  3. Confessions of a Disgruntled Sales Rep
  4. The State of the American Workplace: 2004–2014
  5. A Fantasy Football Lover’s Guide to Your Salesforce
  6. 5 Ways to Keep Millennials Loyal To Your Company
  7. The Sales Influencer Series Presents: John Barrows
  8. The Leadership Styles of 5 NBA Legends
  9. The 3 Questions in Enterprise SaaS Sales
  10. The Sales Influencer Series Presents: Max Altschuler

​Side B

  1. The 6 Step Guide To Finding Your Moneyball Sales Metrics
  2. The Top 10 Sales Blog Posts from 2014
  3. 10 Epic Videos To Inspire Your Salesforce
  4. The State of B2B SaaS Sales
  5. Sales Management Lessons From 10 Coaching Catastrophes
  6. Sales Motivation from the Apex Predator
  7. Management Pet Peeves of 5 Inside Sales Leaders
  8. The NBA Lover’s Guide to a SaaS Sales Team
  9. Big Data: The Savior of Employee Engagement
  10. More Sales Motivation from the Apex Predator

Peruse at your leisure. Especially if you’re in SaaS or B2B sales.

That about wraps things up. Feel free to leave me feedback on this post either here or on the Ambition Blog — and don’t hesitate to subscribe to receive future posts direct to your inbox.

In closing, I’d like to extend my apologies to the Eagles — I’ve seen how those guys operate when it comes to copyright infringement, and they don’t fuck around.

-Jeremy Boudinet, Director of Marketing at Ambition