Long before any of this tech stuff, life was much simpler.

There wasn’t a lot of choice and certainly not as much stress about using so much stuff.

But then the internet came and took us by the neck and transformed the very meaning of life.

The catapult this century has seen in these 20 years alone trumps the growth witnessed by any before it, and we aren’t even a quarter way through. I won’t share any stats, just take my word for it.

Fine, don’t. Here!

Self awareness peaks when you’re closest to 40.

Like how thin the air is when you’re at the top of a mountain.

Everything is more intense, but oddly feelings are also numbed.

I think it’s because of the amount you have felt through the course of time.

Like sandpaper, you’re worn out but still always have some mileage left.

So, as you get older you understand more. But you also feel less.

Yes, I’m an entrepreneur and this is my second chapter. Two months ago today, I changed gears.

If you missed the first, read it here.

Ok, I’ve taken the plunge. So what?

Many others before me have, many others after me will. I’ve done nothing new or interesting, yet.

I took pride in the fact that this big move was going to be like a homecoming that never ends.

Reality is that you are your biggest cheerleader, because the fear of screwing up or 'not being as good at at as you thought' is suddenly very real.

‘You’ is ‘me’…

The life of a female entrepreneur in Tharparkar

And they have absolutely nothing to do with this article. But since you’re here, let me tell you a story.

It’s about how I got to this point in my life, following those 3 things I almost (air quotes) broached in my title.

This article is about the beginning of the author's life as an entrepreneur, after a 15 year corporate career, learning from and for others. 

If you have any thoughts, comments or suggestions, please use the comments section below.

One month ago today, I became a full-time entrepreneur, recently released from the self-imposed shackles of steady income and…

Dear Volkswagen,

I just read the news that 80 years is enough to keep the #Beetle brand alive. And now it’s time to wipe it off the books.

I disagree, and here’s why.

In 2006, I came upon a chance to own my first beetle (also ‘bug' or 'Beetle bug’). I named her Gori (Blondie).

She became (and remains) the light of my life.

I mean, just look at her.

Photo by Ace Vu on Unsplash

The world is different now. But that doesn’t mean they are wrong (about everything!).

With jobs, size does matter; it’s just that bigger is NOT better.

Parents are regular people, with an innate desire to help kids do the right things and land on the map of positive impact makers and success stories.

But things are different now. The law of averages seeks a new anomaly. Adam Smith was right about the invisible hand.

When I was getting started with my career about 15 years ago, the desirability of working for a large corporation still lingered on from the previous…

Anyone who says technology, like the cell phone, is creating further separation betwix people (OK, no one really says ‘betwix’, but ‘between’ is so boring) is dead wrong. You know why? Because 'whatsapp’, that’s why.

First, the numbers (to establish much needed credibility). According to Expanded Ramblings, a source that Google search reveals is a recent authority on such stats, there are 1.2 billion WhatsApp users in 109 countries of the world (excluding Brazil, where it is banned by court order — because let’s face it, 'insert​ witty comment here’).

Of these billions of users, 70% of them use the…

I just finished watching the biggest Blockbuster movie of all time and took away a different lesson than most people.

Don’t get me wrong; it was a fantastical story, demonstrating incredible direction by Patty Jenkins and the team behind this enormously successful film. I enjoyed it as much as I had hoped — not too over the top for a superhero story, not too drab for a long movie.

Every minute was attention grabbing and exciting. …

Happy people influencing you to have fun

You remember when we were kids (for those of us 35 and above), we used to use words like ‘fad’ and ‘sweet’ to describe things that were cool and ‘in’?

The terms might have changed, but the behavior these words described haven’t.

Like all things new and exciting, fads fade and sweets sour.

This is not always because the ‘thing’ itself has lost its utility, but instead it was possibly overused, overheard, overplayed, overeaten, etc.

I guess it’s true that anything in excess draws inspiration to a quick climax, then suddenly becomes yesterdays news.

Thanks to news sites like Gawker…

Haagen Daz and Baskin Robbins better lookout, there’s a new player in the ice cream market, and it’s not even their core product!

Enter IKEA, the swedish giant, with their waffle cone softie for a mere dirham (US$ .27).

You won’t even get the sprinkle topping on a single scoop cup ice cream from your cheap local parlour for that much.

How does a DIY furniture manufacturer create such economies of scale beyond nuts, bolts and planks of wood?

Easy; they realize that a 1% markup on non-core products is probably reasonable enough. …

Zohare (@JJBaybee) Haider

Ex-suit turned entrepreneur. Building client brands > digital.st [+] food-tech > foona.net | I write about what moves me

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