Rational Bravery, Part 2

4.5 days to go until the Electoral College Vote. 40 electors are demanding to be briefed on the Russian election interference, and Trump’s knowledge of and/or role in it. There are petitions and letters to the House, Senate and President asking for a temporary stay of the elector vote — until they’re briefed, at least. The GOP assures folks that no Republican electors aside from Suprun will break from Trump. Larry Lessig, founder of The Elector Trust says 20–30 electors are considering doing just that. And Michael Moore is calling on electors to be courageous.

Ya’ll, too much is at stake here. I have a solution: The DNC and Hillary’s campaign should align with a bunch of reasonable Republicans and choose a third ticket, and give that third ticket the 270 votes needed to become President. Here are some ideas for known moderate Republicans (I’m a Democrat, but I’m trying to be reasonable here) who have been nationally tested and can serve in this role:

  • Mitt Romney + Colin Powell
  • John Kasich + Condoleeza Rice
  • Susan Collins + John McCain

There’s no artful end to this national nightmare. There’s no scenario that ends in peace and harmony for all communities following inauguration. No one “deserves” the presidency this year — but can we agree that there’s a rational path out of this mess, and walk that path together? Share if you agree, and maybe you have better ideas for the winning ticket.

Jessica Cordova Kramer, 37, is a lawyer by training, and has led social justice efforts through education non-profits for the last 15 years. Before that, Jess was a practicing attorney in New York City. She has a degree from N.Y.U. in dramatic literature, and a J.D. from Georgetown University. Jess is passionate about building a broad-based, inclusive, and intersectional movement for national renewal in the United States. She lives in Minneapolis, MN, with her husband and two daughters. She can be found @jcordovak on Twitter.