The why and purpose

Ever wonder what makes parents great? I have. I have seen the good, bad, and ugly. Still I am looking for first principles. I believe there are patterns others can share and have great ideas, habits, and thought patterns that can be learned. The subtle things in specific moments that add up to a kid building rockets to space, or becoming the Fittest on Earth 2x, or maybe simply building a media empire.

I believe everyone of us can benefit and learn these concepts, adapt them, and bring them to bear in our own lives — our children’s lives, and those children being raised around us.

Certainly you have a moment in your own life where your parents did an act, most likely habitually and repeatedly, that help cast you on a path in life of happiness and success.

Beyond a doubt there are moments where regret, embarrassment, and sadness also arises due to an error and lost moment. These too are valued for the root lesson allows us all to learn and future generations to benefit.

Life and all it’s moments cannot be captured in one book or a whole volume. Even with all of our Instagram, tweets, Snapchats, and Facebook posts .. the world sees but a sliver of the magic that makes up a single life. This book instead offers the thinking, habits, and principles practiced by great parents in a manner you can live out earnestly. Case studies and examples from great women and men, parents and children, big and small homes of all walks of life are shared here for all to benefit.

My heartfelt hope is to impact just one moment of one life, and all will be worth it. Please join me on this journey by sharing and connecting on Facebook and Instagram @howgreatparentsthink

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