How to raise a successful Child

Eliminate all social barriers

How Great Parents Think discovered repeatedly across seven decades of research one clear fact relating to social norms. They are self manifested.

Society places artificial limits on what should be a character trait, a skill, a strength, or a weakness. Furthermore, it imposes goals upon our children. The only limits, fears, and stigmas you place on your child are your own doing. The same is true with unlimited potential for greatness, pursuing “big hairy audacious goals,” and learning love. As the parent, you have the chance to encourage the positives and limitless potential. Those who strive for greatness will have failure, but those failures will certainly be beyond those who never attempted. Enjoy the process your child will discover and experience as they move through some failures and most certainly, success.

We must each teach our girls and boys to be leaders, to stand up for what is right, to defend themselves and others. Encourage singular focus on excellence in all that they choose to do. Embrace for your child all that can be dreamed, for it is only the limits of our dreams that should guide our child’s future.

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