Risk Management — Technology and social media strategy that maximizes upside and limits downside

A converging of worlds is happening for me. First, my deep background in Risk Management, CyberSecurity, and Technology has begun to weave within human experiences. Over the past half decade, I have successfully developed and launched several products across industries leveraging technology, social media platforms, in person community events, and limited the downside to near zero.

A bit about these products — several are mobile apps running on iOS / Android, another in the space of cybersecurity managed services, another in the space of a CrossFit venture, and finally now a business risk management service. While these products cover a wide range, what ties them all together is technology — a desire to maximize upside and limit downside risk.

While to build such a product strategy and human experience across vendors and team members requires a deep effort, one area is consistent and often forgotten.


Bugs — not your bugs, but those of the services you rely upon…and when you depend heavily on others’ services, their bugs, become your bugs.

If your solution connects to the Internet, you have a large number of such third parties. In addition, when you create your product, every time you use any of the following, you are dependent on:

  • Software library
  • Software platform to host your service
  • Someone else’s technology in order to build anything (i.e., running your App on an Apple device vs. Amazon running an App on a Kindle)

The key to maximizing your upside (and radically limit your downside risk) here is to have sophisticated statistics and a logging system to track down and fix all sorts of bugs as promptly as possible. Doing this will enhance your customer’s experience, as they will notice the bug but appreciate your responsiveness to resolve issues. In customer experience space this actually CREATES a more human experience vs. expecting perfection. This is our ultimate goal, to create an emotional connection.

So much to share here based on the incredible shifts in products and human experiences with technology. Connect with me to discuss any large trends you are seeing! I love to share ideas and be introduced to new thinking.

  • James DeLuccia
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