To build — grow one thing

James DeLuccia
Aug 27 · 2 min read

To create anything you need unabashedly focused effort. A singular obsessive and maniacal focus. Yes, THAT focused.

This applies to business and success in all areas of life.

Building a business — focus on one demographic, a specific unique person. To the point where you can describe that person’s day, feelings, loves, hates, and home. I learned this from some of the top entrepreneurs and marketers, and have been shocked at how often it succeeds and how often we forget it.

Success Tip — don’t be broad, be narrow, serve narrow, or you’ll serve nobody.

Imagine if you were listening to the radio and it went from classical, to NPR, to death metal in a 7 min window. Who would listen, would you continue, certainly not! Then why are you serving content and a product so broadly the consumer doesn’t know what they are getting when they sign up.

Identify and scale

As you serve your market, and see success — BUILD ON IT. Scale that up, aggressively. It’ll help you then see new markets to tickle your creative itch, and grow even further!

This step only occurs once you hit critical mass in an area. You then use that to press into others. This part is key, you USE your audience, clients, awareness, and then use that to gain traction in the next space. This is achieved through markets that you can serve and extend into naturally. This may be design based (think Apple bringing their design familiarity into ipod and then iphone space .. totally different markets, but design and consumer base familiar)

But .. please be focused, first. In the age of unlimited content and near limitless consumer ability to self select and consume, you must position your products into those spaces to win.

James DeLuccia
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