In my opinion, this won us the fun trophy today.

Winning the Fun Trophy

I learned something early on in coaching that I have applied in my start-up endeavors: Everyone is doing better than you are. In addition to that, everyone is envious of someone else. Other programs have better facilities, better budgets, more buy-in from the administration, and has an easier time recruiting. In women’s basketball it goes all the way up until you get to UCONN and Tennessee, and when you get that point, you just start being envious of each other. I see the same thing with start-ups all the time. They have more funding, more dedicated to growing my team, an easier time to acquire customers, or a better management team.

Here’s the thing, Everybody’s job is tough. We all wish we had better resources and unlimited capital. For the select few that don’t need more capital or human resources, they had to fight to get that way. You have to get creative and do the best with what you have. And if someone across the street accomplished more with having to do less work, good for that bastard. Screw all this jealousy and peering over the fence gossip nonsense, I don’t have time for that. I’ve got teams to build and fun to have doing it.

I’m a sucker for a good trophy. I’ve won lots of them and plan on winning lots more. With the 2 BDR’s I have in my sales organization, a camera, and 20 minutes of our graphic designer’s time, we won the fun trophy today. The picture above didn’t help us raise any money, it didn’t help us acquire another customer(which is a damn shame, as 1 more customer would have given us 100 new customers on the year), and it didn’t drive any upgrade revenue, but it was a blast. So today’s question is, When are you winning your next fun trophy?

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