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Dear Bernie:

Many have speculated, Bernie, (myself included) that you never thought you’d make it as far as you have or cause the race for the 2016 Democrat Candidate for President to be as close as it is. I hope you’re satisfied with your effort because, in my opinion, the methods by which you accomplished what you have will ultimately do more harm than good to our fractured, under-functioning political process.

Bernie, you were never a Democrat, and in your mind the Democrats were never as far left as you wanted them to be. You wanted a primary challenger to Obama in 2012, and after 8 years of “the lesser or two evils,” (one of your favorite mantras) you just couldn’t sit back and watch the “coronation of Queen Hillary.” So you decided to throw your two cents into the discussion and ran to pull the Democrat platform as far left as you could pull it (exactly what Reince Priebus was hoping you would do to scare Independent voters into voting GOP).

You made grandiose promises (some of which I agree with, at least in principle), but always with the dig that you and only you could correctly identify and fix what ails the United States. When you lulled some of the good-natured voters on the left into supporting you, and the enthusiasm and donations began to build, the media joined in and helped foment your movement into an almost rabid froth.

Then after a few caucus victories and primary losses came the charge that the system was rigged against you, and that you’d never get a fair shake as long as the Democrat National Committee was in charge of the process to pick the Democrat nominee (imagine that 🤔).

We already have enough disaffected voters, Bernie, we don’t need you to denigrate the system to the point that even more voters make a conscious choice not to vote (again, exactly what the GOP wants). And it’s these two methods of attack: “the process is rigged” and “voting for the lesser of two evils” that will backfire on you and put the doable, reasonable parts of your agenda even further out of reach.

You’ve had a nice run, Second Place Bernie, and I hope you’ve enjoyed the limelight because the place where you’ve led your supporters to is almost (repeat, almost) too far to return from. Here’s hoping I’m wrong about that…

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