PLEASE READ THIS DISCLAIMER: The goal of this piece is to document a claim made about Sen Bernie Sanders on Twitter; to confront the person who made the claim to see if she can provide evidence to back up the claim; then to either denounce Bernie Sanders (if the claim is true) or to eviscerate she who made the claim should her claim prove to be false. PLEASE DO NOT SHARE (OR PUT TOO MUCH STOCK IN) THIS DOCUMENT AS ALL OF THE NECESSARY RESEARCH HAS NOT BEEN COMPLETED. THANK YOU. (100% unedited 😬)



One Person’s Search To Authenticate or Refute A Disparaging Assertion Made on Twitter

by @JJManring 🤔

19 April 2016, 20 April 2016, 21 April 2016

As one rooting for Hillary Clinton to be the next president of the United States, I tend to FOLLOW like-minded people on Twitter — better for my blood pressure. One person I FOLLOW (but who hasn’t FOLLOWED me back, if you can believe that) is @BJHare. This is her homepage:

I assume @BJHare is a living, breathing person (as opposed to a paid pro-Hillary/anti-Bernie troll or robot). And I’d like to believe she is as sincerely pro-Hillary as I am. Examples of her tweets supporting Hillary:

A while ago (on or about 26 March) @BJHare tweeted this in response to a Jeff Gauvin tweet:

Being one who knows how badly the failure of Democrats, Progressives, and correct-minded Independents to show up at the polls in 2010 hurt our country (gerrymandering “safe” Congressional Districts for Republicans and Tea Party politicians being the worst effect), I quoted @BJhare’s tweet:

By tweeting thusly, I had given @BJHare the presumption of honesty and accuracy and put the “research necessary” part of my tweet on a back-burner. Shorty thereafter I was greeted with this response to my tweet:

This confrontational (but well intended) response to my reactive tweet reminded me that I had that pot on the back-burner which needed attending. What follows is my sincere attempt to get to the truth of this matter, an attempt that — as of yet (19 April 2016 at 9:08am) — has proven fruitless.

NOTE: As referenced below, there is a short video of a rant by Ed Schultz available online. I’ll supply a link (if that’s doable on Medium) before finalizing this piece.

First (on or about 26 March) I attempted to tweet @BJHare, asking for the source of her accusation:

There was no response. I tried tweeting again:

Then I tried searching the Internet as well as reaching out to another person on Twitter I trust implicitly (@KasiaMikurda). The screenshots to follow document the exchange and concern over an unsubstantiated claim against Sen Sanders (please forgive me if some are overlapping):

I hope the reader will appreciate the above exchange the goal of which was to get to the truth about the claim made by @BJHare. Two days ago (18 April) I tried tweeting Ms Hare yet again:

Still no response (as of 20 April at 10:50am).

As referenced earlier in the DM (Direct Message) exchange, I had found an Ed Show that had Bernie Sanders as a guest that could be a possible source:

But I have not been able to get past the opening page of this Internet search. One would need to subscribe to Lexus/Nexus to gain access to the entire transcript as I document in the following paragraph:

There is one other avenue to pursue. I called NBC/MSNBC in an attempt to get transcripts for any Ed Shim in 2010 before Election Day where Bernie Sanders was a guest. I was informed that NBC no longer handles transcripts of their shows, and was referred to Lexis/Nexus. More research (phone calls) later, I learned from customer service at Lexis/Nexus that transcripts of the Ed Show are available, but only to those with a subscription. The rub is the minimum subscription for Lexis/Nexus is one month for $160. Something to contemplate, but not something I’d want my boss (the wife) to learn about while monitoring my online footprint😬.

NOTE: This morning (Thursday, 4/21) I re-watched the Ed Schultz rant about sitting-out the 2010 Election, then tweeted a link to @BJHare, hoping she would take a hint:

As of now (4/21 at 8:30am), these are the conclusions I’ve been able to draw:

1) @BJHare is aware of my questions, but doesn’t care.

2) @BJHare is totally unaware of the Notifications button on Twitter, and thus is unaware of the problem we are trying to ferret-out.

3) @BJHare is aware, but rearranging her sock drawer always gets in the way of responding to my attempts to contact her 😂.