An Opinion 🤔 by @JJManring

Listen to Donald Trump for any five minutes of any one of his stump speeches and invariably you’ll hear how horrible the mainstream media is at covering US politics. Trump will claim, “The media is in the bag for Hillary, they’re so terrible, so terrible are they.” The question is, how accurate is Trump’s characterization of the “liberal media”?

The media, in all likelihood, reflects the make up of the population of the United States. And considering there are more registered Democrats than registered Republicans, it stands to reason that more members of the media are left-leaning. It should come as no surprise — despite Ttump’s love affair with himself and his seeing himself reflected in each of his loyal followers — a majority of the electorate is revolted by Trump. Thus a majority of the media would likewise, at least as individual voters, hold an unfavorable opinion of Trump. But therein lies the rub: as voters, most pundits are horrified by the possibility of a Trump Presidency; but as purveyors of political pomposity those very same pundits drool at the thought of getting to cover a President Trump.

Comedians always want the most controversial person to sit in the Oval Office as that individual comes with a plethora of comedic material. “This stuff almost writes itself,” comedians say of a foot-in-mouth president. So, too, political pundits relish the thought of having a President Trump to dissect as he would be “great” for ratings. But while comedians have little to say about who is elected president, the media — and the spokesperson pundits who front the shows — can have great influence over who gets nominated and/or elected. Consider these charts:

Note the disparity between the coverage Trump has gotten versus that of any of the other candidates. Is this disparity because Trump is the better story, or because — at least subliminally — the media are actually rooting for, and attempting to orchestrate a Trump Presidency?

There is another aspect of a Trump Presidency that — in my opinion — gets the medias’ juices flowing. While they busy themselves with positioning Trump for victory, the pundits are also taking notes for the books they’ll write about Election 2016. “How the heck did this happen?” will be “The Story,” Wednesday, November 9th. “How could a reality tv personality become President of the United States?” Perhaps because you, mainstream media, have all but preordained it to be, all for ratings and the perpetuation of your purveying political pomposity.