An Opinion 🤔 by @JJManring

Bill Clinton made some mistakes — all human beings do. There were unforeseen, unintentional consequences resulting from some of the decisions he (along with a GOP Congress) made as President (NAFTA, et al). Opening up borders to encourage trade and boost economies (specifically the Mexican economy to discourage illegal immigration) turned out to be a bad deal for a large number of US workers. But Bill Clinton (or “the Clintons” — Hillary included — as the anti-Clinton mantra goes,) didn’t force 1%er-controlled companies to to diminish their own customer-base (i.e. those having spendable dollars in their pockets after basic necessities are paid for) by shipping jobs out of the country. This exporting of jobs was done intentionally, exploiting a provision in legislation meant to raise all boats.

Remember: “He who loves silver will never be satisfied by silver…” So please keep the 1%er’s endless search for ever-increasing profits in mind BEFORE trashing the Bill Clinton legacy.

Intentional Revisionist History & the Presidency of William Jefferson Clinton

One word, one concept, needs to be considered before dismissing the Presidency of Bill Clinton — that word is “intent.”

If one can convince him or herself that the mistakes made during Bill Clinton’s years in office were intentional, that Bill Clinton (all on his own, of course, no GOP Congress is ever mentioned) knowingly signed into legislation bills he knew would be detrimental to workers, African Americans, etc., then it’s reasonable to view Bill Clinton as evil incarnate. But if — as I believe — these mistakes were unintentional consequences, unforeseen outcomes of well-intentioned legislation, then one should conclude that Bill Clinton was (and still is) an imperfect human being who as president was tasked with running the most complex economy on the planet for eight years and missteps occurred.

(This by no means diminishes the toll these pieces of legislation has had on any number of individuals. But intent should be taken into account as anyone occupying the Oval Office makes many, many decisions every day, and no one bats 1000.)

And this Intentional Revisionist History has been put into the legacy of more than just Bill Clinton. There are those who — for their own purposes — are trying to trash President Obama as well. I’ve read “The Clinton/Obama Economic Travesty” (or words approximating these) written by PROGRESSIVES, by DEMOCRATS [sic] in an attempt to forward an agenda. These words, sadly, are music to GOP ears.

The real problem with trashing the Clinton/Obama Legacy is that to do so flies in the face of empirical evidence, but when there is an ulterior motive at work, truth is the first casualty of political war.


The GOP — day after day, month after month, year after year — sings a chorus of praises about Trickle-Down Economics. They claim that if only taxes were cut even further for the 1% that miraculously the prosperity will “trickle-down” to the 99%. This GOP fallacy — the product of a think-tank marketing strategy — is intentionally put forward as the answer to all of our economic ills. This marketing ploy is an INTENTIONAL attempt to further enrich the 1% to the detriment of the 99%.

If one can believe that President Bill Clinton did anything remotely comparable to this GOP slight-of-hand, then by all means, trash away. But if you come to the conclusion there was no intent to do harm, then judge Bill Clinton as we all would hope to be judged: give him the benefit of a doubt.