Why Computer Vision Tracking the Flow of People Will be a Huge Market
Mark Suster

I feel like there are a myriad of sensor companies out there in various forms (placemeter, Shoppertrak, Euclid, Prism Skylabs, etc). We can argue technical accuracy but those become non-issues in time. However, distribution THE problem. Not only does it require someone in the physical world to buy into the value, but there needs to be infrastructure in place to make it useful.

I’m also not convinced you’re really going to add value that a mobile device maker can’t already add with geofencing and device ID. Map the device to credit cards (via a number of methods) and you’ve got a great sense of purchase behavior; location accuracy is only getting better too.

Moreover, all that really matters is SKU data: 80% of ad spend are manufacturers, not retailers. You need item-level information to really tap the markets you want to with this investment. Otherwise you’re left with low-margin retailers as the target customer.

I love the early conviction and chutzpah you showed here, but I could have helped you better understand the market :)

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