Our Guest Podcast on Plein Air Tells It Like It Is. Now Let’s Count Tears

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We’re episode 19.

Here’s a quick annotation of subjects we discuss and their corresponding times.

  • 1:05 Jordan Thaeler’s background
  • 3:28 What WhatsBusy is about
  • 4:52 The process of building WhatsBusy’s algorithms and market approach
  • 6:20 Why POS systems and their restaurant customers are so far behind
  • 9:00 Shocking discoveries from looking at POS data
  • 11:00 How will the restaurant industry change as they learn about data
  • 13:50 How would you change a restaurant if you were put in charge
  • 16:07 How will the dining experience change
  • 18:04 Do brands matter or is it just about price and reviews
  • 19:15 Do restaurant need to build their own delivery fleets
  • 20:15 Do restaurants need to have delivery, online ordering
  • 21:35 Would you invest in Postmates
  • 22:55 Who owns customer data
  • 24:55 Why Uber built a tool for restaurant analytics
  • 25:35 What are the dangers of giving merchants bad data
  • 27:45 Where merchants need to be leery of “analytics” providers
  • 29:20 What role doesprivate equity, hedge funds have in driving innovation in brick and mortar
  • 30:50 What gets you most excited about where the industry is going
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