Evaluate Dribbble Activities beyond Followers Counts

Last week I was inspired that maybe we can find a better way to evaluate a dribbbler’s activities and contributions to the community, for example, likes/views rate is a better metric than just likes counts. So to have fun with it, I spent a weekend digging deeper on this idea with Dribbble API and other tools.

And here is Analytttics.

Some designers’ profile in Analytttics

How It Works

I’ve come up quite a few different models in the very first place, but due to the limitations of Dribbble API (and my poor programming skills), in the end I used these 5 metrics to build a rough image of a Dribbbler:

  • Appreciation: based on ( favs + buckets ) / views for recent shots.
  • Attractions: based on the percentage of followers who have 100+ followers.
  • Diligence: based on total shots / total years since joined Dribbble.
  • Engagement: based on ( comment + rebounds ) / views for recent shots.
  • Influence: based on followers / total years since joined Dribbble.

And the Total Score is a weighted mean of the 5 scores above.

Who doesn’t love Maxvoltar!

I know this system is really subject, and doesn’t reflect lots of aspects, please be free to advice me for better ideas. 😁 You can find the project and source code on GitHub: https://github.com/JJYing/Analytttics

Hope you have fun with it just like me: http://anyway.design/analytttics/