99 Problems and Public Speaking Ain’t One
Kevin Justin Hernandez

I can actually relate to this article quite significantly ! I also used to be absolutely terrified of public speaking as a kid, but as I grew older I also listened to hip hop, and I was also inspired by the fact many actors and performers are very reserved off stage, yet have an uncanny ability to shine and make it look so effortless. So each time I go up I take on the mindset that I am performing for an audience and giving my best, as opposed to thinking it as a presentation where I am being judged and criticised. In turn it helps me enjoy it more, ride the adrenaline and my natural energy and be less self concious about it. I did that at a company where I was a quiet intern, and my bosses and supervisors were absolutely speechless when I delivered my leaving presentation! Anyways thanks for this article, it was an inspiring read for me personally.

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