Devil Behind The Lens

So for over three years I’ve been in association with a woman of whom, I believed was quiet interesting to say the least. Rather than question her intentions I immediately proclaimed her as my loyal confidant. Her artistic attributes struck me in ways I never imagined were possible, not to mention introduced me to a world I never knew prevailed.

As the months progressed, I began to notice a change in her appearance, on the contrary her attitude. This woman of whom I proclaimed to be a beautiful existence, turned out to be a the devils advocate.

Rather than work together to create something remarkable, the decision was made to disregard my feelings, while selfishly putting hers before mine. Her outlandish remarks pertaining to my personal ventures, as well as my upbringing completely changed the way I felt about her.

It’s entirely understood that one may strike her to be an innocent being, but looks can be deceiving. I can recall numerous occurrences that immediately turned violent when the word “NO” came into play. I couldn’t understand how someone so insanely beautiful could be so chaotic.

Without a shadow of a doubt, the actions that took place gave me a sense of uneasiness. A total lack of trust between two people who should be considerably close is one of the worst feelings in the world, because when all else fails everybody needs a support system.

Sharing, giving, and compromise, are considered profane expressions in her little world of anger, misery, and neglect. To be frank, I totally regret the day we met. Karma struck it’s ugly head when I choose to welcome such a foul woman with open arms.

What ever transitioned her into a heart less monster with the mouth of an individual who needs to be in an insane asylum is beyond me, however I estimate that her actions are family related. Interestingly enough her reasoning behind the madness were I and I alone.

Nevertheless, if that’s the case, then how do you explain multiple individuals feeling a sense of concern when this one character enters a room? Quiet eerie if i do say so myself.

I’m certain that even as an adolescent she has always been a dramatic character with little consideration for others but the question still stands when is enough, enough?! I question the day this an ominous woman with the brain of a chimp, transpires into a loving woman of understanding.

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