Freedom of Expression

Sometimes I wonder if I hold a relevant factor, in the lives of others. From what I understand I am considered to be a hilarious individual with an outstanding personality, but for me that isn’t enough. If I expressed half of the things that I contemplate about on a regular basis, most would be incredibly shocked.

My main intention for writing this blog was not to necessarily say that I am concerned with the opinions of others pertaining to me but to highlight specific feelings, that I have yet to expose until now. Let it be known that I refuse to be unacknowledged. Everybody has a purpose, and it just so happens that I believe that my purpose is to inspire, and influence but that alone is easier said than done, especially these days.

By no means am I perfect but if I may speak for myself, I am an exceedingly creative individual. With that being said, I hold a sense of uneasiness for individuals who feel the need to place me in the realm of mediocrity. Weather it’s music, songwriting, blogging, video-graphy, advertising or etc, I believe that it is my obligation to not only design pieces of works that reflect my life, but to stay true to the lives of others as well.

The biggest problem that I have with my generation, is the concept that everything doesn’t have to have a beneficial symbolic reference. If that’s the case then how in the world can you consider yourself to be an artist? It’s understood that I live in a generation where simplicity and absurdness is welcomed with open arms, but I for one refuse to cater to people who think like that.

I have grown tremendously tired of unmotivated people who do not take the time to dissect my work! In College I have witnessed too many students who have put very little time and effort into whatever assignment they are trying to urgently complete, and at times the end result was the student receiving a grade that knocked the long hours of hard work and dedication, that I put into my project or projects in the toilet.

In conclusion I am not quite sure if people will ever see or respect my vision. Maybe I am too serious as most would say. Maybe I do expect too much out of people, when it comes to acknowledging my creativity, but as an artist of multiple talents can you blame me?