Now I know (Short Version)

Currently I have a lot of built up anger, and disgust toward people of whom I feel have placed me in the background. Though these people shall remain unknown, my feelings toward them shall not, which explains my reasoning for writing this blog. If your reading this blog and you feel uneasy about what is being read, then you may possibly be one of the culprits.

I’ll admit that I was entirely too quick to proclaim friendship toward characters who wouldn’t offer me their last dollar if they had it. To be frank I have had enough of the buffoonery, all together, and refuse to put up with it any longer. In lament terms fuck you!

Yeah, I get it! People change. However if your change inducts changing on the only person who has had your back, through even the hardest of times, then I feel sorry for you. My character isn’t composed of someone who will use you for my beneficial needs while having the audacity to act as if I’ve never met you, in the process.

Side note, I will say that each one of you inconsistent characters men and women, have taught me a very valuable lesson. Never call a person your friend unless you have accurate proof and documentation that they are such. From coworkers, to high school buddies, acquaintances, women who acted as if they were interested in me, people from College, you name it, I got each one of you in check.

I am very observant to say the least, and there have been numerous instances where I was unfortunately too ignorant to know who was playing me, and who wasn’t. Now that I have prior knowledge of those who possesses unrealistic qualities, my trust level has lowered dramatically, and I know how to treat you for future reference.

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