Oh Your Sleep? Keep Sleeping :D

Has there ever been a moment in time where you felt like people slept on your artistry? Recently I dealt with the same dilemma where my freedom of expression was too over bearing for few to understand, which briefly prevented me from displaying my work.

For most individuals anything that is out of the ordinary is considered highly unusual. I’ll admit that sometimes I feel as if I was bought up in the wrong generation, because as an artist I believe in over exaggerated creativity. Why should I label myself as simplistic?

If I were to follow the bandwagons then I would simply be a duplicated copy of everybody’s mind set. Don’t get me wrong I am well aware that in the process of creating one must take their audience into consideration, but I refuse to cater to the idiotic masses. Over the past few years I have studied multiple forms of media such as film, animation, graphic design, and so on.

Not to mention I am highly familiar with the theater so I understand what it takes to have an impeccable imagination. Unfortunately I’ve yet to come across individuals who refuse to stick to the norm, but of course I’m certain that there are people who have similar feelings.

As an artist I feel some type of way when people don’t take the time to indulge their selves in my creative juices. As awkward as that statement may have sounded my main intention is to bring light to simple fact that my work is relevant and should be treated as such!

A wise man once said “I’m an artist, and I’m sensitive about my shit.” I would hate for ten years or more to pass, for people to finally understand the message behind my work, especially when I actually take the time to create something that could possibly influence the art world as we know it.

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