Why Complain?

Most people proclaim that I complain entirely too much. Those humorous accusations have led me to believe that maybe those individuals are correct! Unfortunately I derive from a generation, where human expression is considered inferior.

I refuse to apologize for being humane. I am entirely baffled by the masses who carry a chip on their shoulders daily, and refuse to talk about their trials and tribulations. Personally I find conversing therapeutic. I couldn’t imagine how mentally disturbed I would be if I didn’t talk about my feelings.

A year ago I found my self dumbfounded because a certain somebody told me that I am too into my feelings. How Sway! In all seriousness people are quick to state “I am a grown man!” “I am a grown woman!” Well! Grown people aren’t afraid to speak their minds, so lets stop pretending shall we.

Another remarkable incident I can recall while quote on quote complaining about a particular situation that I was extremely passionate about, was in the mist of verbal expression the individual of whom I was speaking to decided to hang the phone up on me. Childish behavior indeed.

If I was being incredibly disrespectful at the time, questioning that occurrence would be entirely unnecessary. Nevertheless the only reason for the absurd event was because the other person was tired of hearing the truth, or in other words hearing me bitch. Need I say more?

After constantly hearing the term, “You Complain Too Much.” I have made it my obligation to disregard those individuals who feel as if that statement is true, and refrain from having any contact with them. Shockingly those same individuals who made that fictional statement, are now asking me for advice. Amazing how the universe works.

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