Twitter — Meeting the users mentioning expectation in a tweet levelling the like effect

From the UX perspective the mention flow on Twitter is unfinished. Here is how to complete it.

As a user when you mention a person in your tweet, what really matters to you is to know if the person you mentioned have seen your tweet. It matters more than knowing how many impressions and detail expands your tweet have received.

How to fix it

Example: The first two mockups below displays “your tweet” where you mention pewdiepie. Currently there is no way of knowing if pewdiepie has seen your tweet, unless pewdiepie indicates it through a Like or with a Reply.

NEW: The mockup to the right displays pewdiepie’s avatar to indicate he has seen your tweet. In the mention case, this indication matters more than your “Tweet activity metrics” as it is a tweet where you directly mention a person.

Your expectation from using the mention feature is met.

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The “View Tweet activity” section can only be viewed by the tweeter, which means it is only you who can see this seen indicator from your mention.

Tap on the seen-indicator from the mockup above to see details. The ‘A’ mockup variant opens a list, while the ‘B’ mockup variant includes it in the Tweet activity view.

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Metrics such as Impressions, Total engagements, Detail expands, Likes, Link clicks, Profile clicks are nice, but are mainly secondary for the average user on Twitter as these metrics are designed for businesses where it is about the numbers and not about the value of a conversation/mention in a tweet with another user/s the average user needs more of.

What do you think?

Do you think Twitter should complete the mention flow with a seen-indicator? Can you see yourself finding the seen-indicator useful? When you tweet Elon Musk, is it important to you to know if he has seen your tweet or is it OK to hope for a like or a reply? Let me know what you think in the response field below or send me a tweet.

Thank you.

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