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Happy Birthday Methods Digital

Happy Birthday Methods Digital — you are a one year old today. What a year. I feel moved to say thank you to our clients, partners and Teal team members and other friends of the Teal family. I know its not the Oscars, and I don’t want to go all Gwyneth Paltrow — still makes my skin crawl — but quite genuinely whilst our clients, staff, partners and friends are special and unique I believe we are all defined by a common theme. How to explain that theme?

Dan Carlin, the world’s most awesome podcasting historian has an interesting take on the rise and fall of empires (check out Hardcore History on I-tunes). Take the Roman Empire as one example. He reckons that if you could choose to live at one point of the Roman Empire it would be better to choose the beginning of the downward curve. The upward curve is too hard. It is generally full of fighting, wars, resistance and hard times. Asking the population to struggle, suffer and go the extra mile to make the big change happen. On the other hand if you are on the beginning of the decline you generally reap the benefits of the upward curve without the bloodshed and stress.

In corporate terms our clients, staff and partners are fully signed up members of the upward curve. They could take the easy route — In the clients’ case — buy “low risk” technology that we all know is rubbish but doesn’t get you sacked or they could make superficial changes to business models and processes so that no ones’ vested interests get disturbed. Our Teal team members could join large consultancies and systems integrators where you are a cog in the wheel and protected by a known brand, irrespective of whether you actually effect real change in your clients or not. Our partners could go and sell, traditional “no one got sacked for buying XXX” software, it wouldn’t be as much fun but in the verticals where we specialise they could definitely make more money.

But they don’t, they know something needs fixing at the heart of our public services and in many of our long-standing private sector institutions. And they are prepared to face the tension, stress and challenges of trying to move UK PLC to the beginning of the downward curve — but in a good way if you see what I mean.

Anyway I know I will forget some people, apologies in advance but here we go…

First thank you to our special clients — ONS, CCS, Haymarket Media, Charity Commission, Hounslow, Lewisham, Adur and Worthing — especially Adur and Worthing -, Mid Sussex, Home Office, Government Digital Service, Box, Peterborough, Get Into Teaching, Methods Analytics and there are others. They are all organisations with people on the inside who worry and care about keeping their organisations relevant, modern and customer focussed. They are prepared to try new things and not accept the status quo. Kudos.

Then the big one, thank you to the great group of talented Teal team members we have collected on the way — David B — for being there from the start and never faltering, Digi-Tubbs — for creating our culture and all things Teal, Portugal for providing our brilliant AWS team — Vitor (great hair), Marco and Fernando, Adam E G — for making the jump and running with it, David Carboni — for data is the new sexy, Myles — for bringing some South African rigour to our projects, Mike G and Habibur R — for just nailing Box roll outs, Dan C — for bringing a touch of class to our Salesforce solution architecture, Onkar C — for opening our eyes to fab design, Matt and Kane — for just being so bloody clever and picking up programming languages in record time, Jen E — for setting yourself a challenge and going for it, Maleek, Sameer Mahmood and Michal — for doing what you do in the most difficult of verticals! Joe and Maryam — for thinking outside the box and bringing youth and freshness to our team, Thomas B — for choosing a little start up over all the other corporates you could have gone to, Pavlos — for being the embodiment of enthusiasm, curiosity and bloody hard work, Pastor — for doing such a great job on the publishing platform, Aaron — for being one of the brightest young men I know, Peter H — for your demeanour, experience and weight loss tips, Lloyd — for believing in what cloud based CRM could do for public services and for looking like Marty Pellow, Mark Troupe –for being a brilliant dev, an Australian and looking just like Digi tubbs, Tom R — for joining the team and then having to pack your bags for a project straight away with no complaints, Rob L for showing us that its ok to wear espadrilles to client meetings, Jon H for reminding us how to behave, Sarah H — for finally getting us on top of our time cards and finances and Kylie for choosing us and fitting in straight away. Prof Brown too — you’ve been a legend in terms of keeping our thinking fresh and progressive.

And finally, of course Mr Sacha Rook, aka 007, without whose intellect, knowledge and approach we would be nowhere. I think that’s it, God I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone — its not personal if I have.

And of course the wider Group — Peter R and Mark T for sharing in the dream, understanding the mission and giving us the permission to pursue it. Respect is due. And also to the guys in the back office who make it possible for us to just focus on our customers knowing that that stuff is covered

Then there are the partners, frankly most of who are mates now as we coalesce around a shared mission and goal. Chris at AWS, Kevin and Chris at MatsSoft, Christian and Justin at Box, Kev, Peter, James LS, Marie, Mike, Stuart, Vanina, Tim, Nick over at Da Towers, Adam at Cloudsense, too many to name really but I know we are all trying to do the right thing. Dan Sofer at the awesome Founder and Coders

must get a special mention too for providing some of our best talent and just generally doing a brilliant thing.

Last but certainly not least Sarah, Molly and Flora for not seeing me for 12 months and never complaining and believing in the mission (as much as a 4 year old can get their head around cloud and digital business models).

So there it is. A fab platform for year 2, we are well ahead of where we were supposed to be by now — we went straight from crawling to walking up right. We have some amazing new Teal colleagues joining soon and some really exiting announcements that have the potential to change it up in our core verticals.

Have a good birthday all — see you on the other side.

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