Unexpected Frustrations of the Digital World

Don’t know why this bothers me so much but anyway. Have you ever really thought about the word “unexpected”? I realised tonight in WHSmith at Waterloo that its one of the most abused words in the English language.

“Really bad news a friend of mine died last week”

“Oh no that’s terrible, was it expected?”

“No, completely unexpected”

“Did you see the match last night”

“No, what happened?”

“Arsenal were beaten 6–0 by a non league side”

“Wow that’s unexpected”

“How was the operation?”

“I’m ok but there were some unexpected complications”

“Oh no are they serious?”

“Are we on schedule for completion of the bridge?”

“There are some unexpected issues with the concrete pillars”

“Right this sounds serious, what will we tell the Minister?”

“Was it a good gig”

“OMG the best night ever”

“Did you know that U2 were going to be the warm up act?”

“No, completely unexpected — but they were fab”

“Unexpected item in the bagging area”

F*!k off, its not unexpected its just there. Find a less annoying word.

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All views are those of my employer, I just say what I'm told to. Technology, entrepreneur and bizness stuff an' that.

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