“nooooo, I’m not drunk at all.”

“I fucking hate alcohol” he says as he downs a shot, then another, and another. He didn’t know if it was how much he drank or his hopelessly low tolerance but before he knew it he was already drunk out of his mind. Yet, with hazy eyes, and a clouded mind, he couldn’t help but notice her.

Had he been sober he probably wouldn’t have paid her much heed, but he was drunk. The alcohol had turned this seemingly average girl into a solid ten out of ten. Mustering up all the self confidence he gained from taking all those shots, he stood up, a fire burning in his eyes. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her close. “ Hey baby, what’re you doing all alone?” he says as he brings her into a tight embrace. Oddly enough her skin was hot to the touch, and it seemed to stick right onto his, and her perfume smelled of.... pepperoni?

It was only then that he realized. He wasn’t hugging some beautiful girl at the bar, he was a hugging a fucking slice of pizza.

He was drunk, hopelessly so.

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