Today has been a long day. I didn’t sleep for shit last night. I really haven’t slept in days. I have been taking random naps during the day and sleeping an hour or two a night. I don’t know why, but I just can’t sleep well. And headaches have been more constant lately. And extremely painful.

But I have done nothing but work on my art and writing for weeks. No breaks. If I am not doing one I am doing another. I made the announcement across social media today that I am selling my art. Hopefully the people that say they would buy it mean it and I start making money soon. I am also working on setting up a site so I can sell digital prints of my art. I have to retake photos of all my pieces in natural light so I will be working on that tomorrow.

I am also currently waiting on a site to approve my photo of my ID and I am going to start selling feet pics because why not. Women are out there making bank selling feet pics… why not join them.. my feet are pretty. And I am thinking about starting an OnlyFans. I walk around half naked most of the time anyways so why not get paid for it.

Oh !! And good news ! I am up to 1k followers on TikTok so I got the invitation to use creator fund tools. And once I get another 9k I can get paid to post. So all this work I’ve put into getting attention online has been worth it. Hopefully it will continue being worth it.

So if you’re here and you want to see more about my life feel free to follow me across all my social medias and show ya girl some love. My next piece for YouTube should be ready by the end of the day tomorrow. So subscribe for the notifications.

I do follow for follow also.

And tomorrow morning I am taking a break and going with my man to play basketball at the local park. I miss the game. With my chronic pain it’s been harder for me to get out and play, but I need a break from work so I am going to go sweat tomorrow. Get some fresh air.

I’m excited about it.

Things are starting to look up lately. I’ve got doctor appointments lined up and my internet platform is growing. Hopefully my health and wealth continue to get better. All this work has to be worth it.

Currently I am waiting for my mom to finish her shower so I can take a hot bath. My back hurts pretty bad tonight I am hoping the heat helps relax the muscles so when babe gets home he can give me a back rub and maybe the right places in my back will pop.

But I guess I am going to call it a night and get off here.

All My Love.

Art Prices :

22x28- 20$

14x28- 10$


Also willing to do custom pieces. Feel free to email me.




Admitting There’s A Problem Is The First Step

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Jessica Harding

Jessica Harding

Admitting There’s A Problem Is The First Step

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