Only Those Who Do Not Wish to See Can be Deceived.

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Opinions have become facts. Feelings have eclipsed the truth. Evidence and reality have become subjective against feelings, narratives, and agendas. Projection has overtaken logical thought and thanks to social media the echo chamber has risen to meteoric levels.

As evidenced by a few people on the fringe who are not only twisting Amber Heard’s words on tape to make her the victim, but use them as an excuse that Johnny Depp deserved his beatings at her hands because, in their view, men can never, ever be the victim. That privilege is reserved only for the female demographic. How dare we suggest that a, *gasp*, man was horribly abused by a little ol’ woman. This is where feminism starts to fall apart because, as shouters of equality and equity, they have now voluntarily taken the stance of the weaker sex to manipulate this narrative.

Let’s get a little more precise. A woman named Roslyn Talusan recently published a highly inflammatory and fallacy riddled article for an outlet called Wear Your Voice. The article, I struggle to even give it the satisfaction of calling it an article, is a slap in the face to anyone who employs streamlined thoughts on a daily basis. It’s marred with such phrases as — “Their conversation was taken out of context and purposely editorialized for consumption on social media.” When Heard herself has never even claimed this. Actually she hasn’t rebutted anything about these tapes except to say she recalls a piece that’s not on the second one. She *recalls* but does not provide evidence for. Ok moving on. It’s more like propaganda. It’s exactly what she does to Johnny Depp in those tapes, “no, no, no, that’s not how it happened. It went like this..” *insert extreme perversion of the events in question.*

Another example of this desperate twisting of the facts is one Mr. Miles Klee. He wrote a little pastiche in which he declared that Depp fans are “dangerously oversimplifying” domestic violence and that they “instantly accept brief and heated dialogue as confirmation that his spouse was the lone aggressor in their hostel dynamic.” Miles, for the record, there is now over an hour and a half of this dialogue available. I would hardly consider that brief. He also tries really hard to throw men under the bus for defending Depp while completely ignoring the huge number of women supporters he has. It’s perplexing and I’m not sure why he’s trying to sabotage his own species other than a pious appeal to women so they say, “oh look he’s one of the good ones”. Pathetic.

Heard, so far, has not responded with any of her own evidence in the press. For someone who claimed on the second recording that she had “the most open and shut case of DV they had ever seen” she seems to be sorely lacking in the evidence department. It’s worth mentioning that her abuse claims were dismissed with prejudice back in 2016, meaning she can never refile them against Johnny Depp. She has thus far refused to submit original copies of any of her photos and her original witnesses are nowhere to be found. On a side note she was promising them each one of five luxury penthouse condos she was sure she was going to get in the divorce and they had already changed the locks (which is illegal as they belonged to Depp) after the May 21, 2016 incident. Just sayin’. To close this loop for anyone who doesn’t know, she didn’t get any condos and Depp later sold them all off.

Johnny has professed to have — 87 video tapes, some of which we have seen. Over 6 dozen of the audio tapes which we’ve already heard snippets from. Photographic evidence, some of which has been released. Over 40 witnesses, some of whom’s declarations we’ve read. Not to mention the testimony of responding police officers from the night of May 21, 2016 who claim to have seen absolutely nothing wrong with either Amber or the condos she claimed were trashed. Seeing any difference between the two parties here?

The real truth is that no one will really ever know with 100% certainty what all transpired, but Johnny Depp is trying awfully hard to clear his name and prove his innocence for an abuser.. While Amber Heard is now on her 3rd (maybe 4th?) attempt at dismissing a lawsuit she keeps proclaiming she will, “provide the truth and evidence for if necessary.” Something here is more than fishy, it’s positively revolting, and with the audio revelations of the last two weeks and litany of other evidence yet to see the light of day Amber Heard’s goose appears to be cooked. The companies that endorse her are receiving unrelenting amounts of backlash, Fendi and Getty Images have deleted tweets featuring her and I’m sure they won’t be the last. The UN has yet to make a statement as of this writing. The petition to have her fired from Aquaman has amassed nearly 300,000 signatures. Many see this as an eye for an eye situation, where she should lose her role as Mera for her self-admitted actions as Depp lost his Captain Jack Sparrow on pure accusation.

This is a coordinated campaign to silence a victim of horrible abuse. An active effort to suppress the truth because how dare the precious ideology of the fembots be questioned, how dare an extremely high profile man have the gall to be abused and fuck up their entire narrative.

Both the Wear Your Voice article and Miles Klee’s were endorsed and retweeted by Roberta Kaplan, Amber Heard’s lawyer and co-founder of the #TimesUp legal defense fund. Kaplan also follows the independent writers and some of Rosliyn’s cohorts who have gone attacking Depp fans for correcting the innumerable lies in her op-ed. She also follows a fellow by the name of Stephen Rodrick who wrote a salacious hit piece on Depp for Rolling Stone but that deserves it’s own write up all together. The Wear Your Voice catastrophe of words has now suddenly appeared on the #MeToo twitter account and last week Miles Klee’s article was looking for larger audiences on Ellin Barkin and Kathy Griffin’s twitter accounts. Barkin was subpoenaed by Heard’s team because she knew Johnny in the 80s and Griffin is a friend of Heard. It’s worth noting that Kaplan also follows quite a few well known Heard support accounts on Twitter and has been interacting in the form of retweets and thanking people for their support. What the ethical implications are for a lawyer in the heat of a precedent setting defamation lawsuit hanging around with her client’s buddies on twitter is, I do not know but it feels repugnant.

These connections are not coincidences. The universe is rarely so lazy. One need only to look barely skin deep to see how obviously the web flows and from where it originates. Hint: follow the money . #MeToo and #TimesUp have quite a problem on their hands with Depp insinuating one of their darlings is really the devil. The integrity of their entire modus operandi should be questioned at this point. They are actively engaging in the suppression of truth. Actively denying that Amber said the things she is on tape saying. They are attempting some kind of fucked up power of suggestion — you didn’t really hear what you think you heard. It’s immoral and they’re acting just like Amber, how apropos. Birds of a feather as they say.

Many of the people supporting Johnny Depp are survivors of abuse themselves. The idea that their experiences would be flippantly dismissed alongside his because of this preposterous idea that women simply cannot be perpetrators of violence against men is appalling. That “he must have done something to set her off” is despicable and would never, ever be suggested if these roles were reversed. If Johnny Depp was the one on tape saying, “no one will ever believe you, I didn’t punch you I hit you, you were not punched, you’re not hurt, sometimes I just get so mad I lose it, I can’t promise it won’t happen again”, he would be getting drawn and quartered by every mega news organization on the planet. A woman though... A woman doesn’t have to answer for these statements in these times. Men are inherently evil so they deserve whatever they get. Even if she did, who cares? We can sacrifice one man for the greater good. It’s an abhorrent line of thinking and ideology and I sincerely hope that Johnny Depp has some kind of massive evidence that exposes the hypocrisy and dubiousness of these movements. They are not even doing the things they originally set out to do, it’s now just a propaganda machine for hate and vitriol.

Believe it or not there is an upside to all this. No one is buying it. They can try to force this alternative narrative through the gates but the public is not as stupid as Kaplan and company want to believe. The only people taking this bait are the herd mentality fembots. Try as they might to pretend none of this is happening, they are being very deservedly called out for the hypocrisy they are exhibiting and are retreating back to their echo chambers, another thousand or so blocked accounts stronger — because how dare they be asked to defend their opinion.

There is no debate, there is no conversation, there is not even any semblance of a back and forth. As soon as they are faced with a comment they don’t like or don’t agree with, it’s a block and instant shut down. This is a very dangerous game. They are essentially conceding that they do not care for the truth. They do not care about that which does not serve their agenda, and they do not care for anyone who does. They are not willing to argue and in that they have no argument.

There is supposed to be a code of ethics that journalists abide by. Not this fly by night opinion mashing and crucifixion of anyone who dare disagree with the writer and their publication. That’s obviously right out the window in the age of “alternative facts.” Journalistic integrity has gone the way of the Dodo and its going to take a hell of a lot to get any semblance of it back.

As for the articles and people mentioned here, and their need to contort reality into a shape that fits their personal needs, I suggest to them the problem solving principle brought to us by William of Ockham. Better known as Ockham’s Razor. It states that “entities should not be multiplied without necessity” or in more layman’s terms, “the simplest solution is most likely correct.” Meaning that all this projection and anamorphosis they’re using to excuse Heard, her words, and actions is all much too much. There are times that call for taking things at face value. When someone shows you who they really are.. you should believe them.

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