As An Incoming College Student In Georgia, The Campus Carry Law Doesn’t Make Me Feel Safe
Emily Rose Thorne

“Despite all of the evidence,”

What about the evidence that campus carry has produced exactly zero of the issues you’ve assumed in any of the hundreds of public universities that have allowed the practice for years? What about the evidence that the number of active CCW holders on any given student population will be extremely small (as in, out of 15,000 undergrads maybe only 6 at most will actually be carrying a firearm on any given day). Do you ignore the fact that the vast majority of college student aren’t old enough to legally buy a handgun let alone get a CCW permit? Texas recently allowed campus carry and in over the year since none of the assumptions made by those opposing the measure have come true. No drunken frat party shootings, no suicides, no violent killing sprees or a professor threatened/shot over a bad grade. Nothing. Maybe you should focus less on the fear and paranoia of gun-control advocates and more on the actual facts and put them in the proper context. A lesson that will pay more dividends, not just in college but the real world afterwards.

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