Writing with bad intent: Mongering fear
B.J. Smith

Gun sales spiked during the Obama administration, as people who had much to gain from spreading fear managed to convince their target market that the government was plotting to take their guns. When it turned out that didn’t happen, and Obama was no longer president, gun sales dropped.

Gun sales actually started their upward trend in 2005 and spiked heavily in late 2012 through half of 2013 when Democrats where soiling themselves in their masturbatory frenzy to push Federal-level gun-control laws. As for the so-called “drop” after Obama was out of the White House, November 2016 set an all time record for that month going back to November 1998 when the NICS was first operational. December 2016 had the 3rd highest volume for that month, only slightly behind December 2012, and the rest of the year so far has been well within the high side of the average for the cumulative total so far going back the last several years. By the way, the FBI publishes NICS data with monthly updates.

As effective as it looks lately, maybe someday the raw, vicious messaging will backfire. Maybe responsible gun owners will tire of the cynical marketing and politics spewed out by NRA leadership. Maybe they will leave the NRA in droves, or simply man up and throw out the creators and purveyors of such dangerous and deadly marketing content.”

How will telling people the truth backfire? With violent LWNJ’s like Yvette Falarca running around (not for much longer thankfully), BLM praising murderers like Assata Shakur, and really unhinged left-wingers making assassination attempts it seems their message is on target. Sorry, as long as the Left continues to act like a bunch of spoiled, violent brats the NRA has no problem with their messaging and gun sales will continue the trend started almost 13 years ago.

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