No Such Thing As An Illegal Gun

Let’s debunk some of this “debunking”.

“When people say that gun crime is mostly gang related and/or black on black what they’re really saying is that black lives don’t matter.”

Wrong, they are looking at actual data compiled by law enforcement agencies. Contrary to your rather flawed, Liberal beliefs these numbers are not racist. They are an example of one of the many truths people like you ignore or attempt to pass the blame on. 45+ people being shot over a single weekend in Chicago isn’t racism, it’s the fucked culture you trip over yourself to apologize for.

“ALL guns start out as legal guns.”

Wrong. Quite common for criminals to build firearms from parts kits with the intent to sell illegally. Without the proper FFL to manufacture those weapons, every single one sold was illegal from the beginning.

“Wherever guns that end up being used in crime are purchased, swapped, borrowed, shared or stolen, the most likely source is an acquaintance or family member.”

Sounds like a problem with personal responsibility more than anything a gun-control law can fix. Straw purchasing isn’t affected by expanded background checks by the way.

“82% of guns involved in mass shootings over the last three decades have been bought legally.”

And criminals aren’t considered criminals until they actually commit a crime. What gun-control law would change this factoid? Answer: None.

“In emergency rooms across America 19 children die from or are treated for gunshot wounds each day.

An average of 5,790 children in the United States receive emergency room treatment for gun-related injuries each year.”

Your cellphone has a calculator, suggest you use it and try this again. Fudging figures is something CSGV does.

“African-American children had the highest rate of homicide.”

African-American men, period, have the highest rate of homicide. Vast majority are killed by other African-American men. What gun-control law is changing this fact? Answer: None.

“What America needs is more effective gun control laws and less anti-abortion laws….”

Agree on abortion, should be as legally accessible as possible and it shouldn’t be gov’t subsidized unless for certain cases. Unfortunately for you, your friend is quite correct on the part of enforcing existing gun-control laws. With prosecution for straw purchases and trafficking of firearms at well under 10% of those charged, it’s kind of silly to ask for more laws when the ones on the books now aren’t being enforced. What’s also silly is asking for laws that have almost no chance of enforcement; assault weapons bans, magazine bans, etc. LEA’s aren’t going to spend the time and resources they don’t have rounding up magazines above certain capacities, they’ve stated as much.

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