Keep Your Guns, I Don’t Want Them
Zeb Campbell

But as a country, we have to start talking about this and make some compromises.

List of “compromises” already made:

1934 National Firearms Act

1968 Gun Control Act

1986 Firearms Owners Protection Act

1994 Assault Weapons Ban

1998 NICS

Lautenberg Act, Brady Act, etc…

“Compromise” is done. Gun-control advocates clearly don’t know what the word “compromise” even means. You wan’t dialog and discussion? Start by getting better educated, because it’s old and boring listening to those with a room temperature IQ on firearms, firearm laws, legal cases involving the 2nd Amendment tell gun owners what “common sense” is. It’s like you lecturing George Nakashima on furniture design while you crank out crappy pens and bowls that anyone with a few hundred dollars and Veritas catalog can do. You can ask for a discussion when you can do more than parrot ignorance-based VPC talking points.

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