The Alexandria Shootings and False Equivalencies
Lincoln Mitchell

More navel gazing suggestions from a low-info gun-control advocate. Why do you folks always peddle the same nonsense rhetoric? Did the VPC give out handbooks with talking points printed out?

“ The word for being concerned about left wing violence but not the killing of innocent African Americans is racism.”

No, the concern for do-nothing gun-control laws in the face of comparatively rare active shooting events but not the daily killing of young black men by other young black men is racism. Gun-control has always been about racism and if you had the IQ of a gnat on this topic you’d know that already.

“ If you are against regulations guns, now is not the time for pious for calls for unity but to be honest enough to say that the cost of your position is frequent shootings like this.”

Oh please. You are as clueless on existing firearms laws in the US as they get. Your pious call for gun laws proves you have never read the FBI UCR in the last 15 years nor have read the CDC’s summary report on existing firearms-related studies published only a few years ago. The Alexandria shooter passed background checks, have you ever looked at an ATF Form 4473? Calling for more laws when you have no idea what laws are already on the books is beyond ignorant.

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