Here’s an idea on how to tackle gun control
Rachel Anne

“ My idea is this — join the huge, influential platform of the NRA and change it from within.”

Not a particularly original idea nor a realistic one.

“ The pro-gun community (for lack of a better expression) is entrenched in institutionalized rejection of proactive progression or development of its mission or platform.”

Actually we just don’t have much interest in taking cues from people who are utterly ignorant on firearms at even the most basic levels. Seriously, you people think cosmetic changes to certain firearms somehow changes their operational characteristics and that bullets #11 through whatever are more deadly than bullets #1 through #10. You believe in non-existent “cop-killer bullets” and X-ray proof handguns. You don’t know the difference between semi-automatic and automatic. You’ve never looked at an ATF Form 4473 or have a clue that the NICS was an NRA initiative. You use terms like “high-powered” and “large caliber” when referring to AR-15 rifles. You don’t even know the FBI UCR expanded homicide tables routinely breakdown the numbers of people killed by weapon type and that hands and feet kill more than all rifles combined in a given year.

“ I propose a grass roots initiative that liberals, progressives, minorities (and other groups) and young people get involved in the NRA in their local communities in order to bring about urgently needed gun reform. We need more than a debate that falls upon deaf ears, we need change.”

Well, the problem you have here is that the “pro-gun community” is loaded for truly grassroots campaigns. Gun-control advocates like yourself are mostly lead by senile billionaires and a few organizations lead by marketing executives. Yeah, join the NRA. Join any local firearms training group. Get educated on what firearms actually are, maybe then you’ll figure out that gun-control groups have been feeding you a steaming pile of bullshit. Maybe you’ll figure out that your so-called “common sense” gun laws, aren’t.

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