The era of the NRA is coming to an end. We need a better national gun owner group.

Nah, you gun-control loonies can’t even compete with SAF, GOA, and any number of truly grassroots pro-gun groups that are better educated, better organized, and better prepared than anything your senile billionaire sugar daddies can come up with. The more you focus on the NRA, the more you lose in the courts and legislatures throughout the US. We are not just beating your propaganda machines in D.C., we are destroying you at the local level in hundreds of places where gun-control laws have been removed and pro-gun laws have filled the voids. The NRA is going nowhere and the more gun-control advocates attempt to use lies to frame the narrative, the more the membership rolls of the NRA will grow. I will continue to pay member dues to the NRA for no other reason that it serves to keep people like you blind to who is actually pushing gun-control into irrelevancy.

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