The GOP is as much part of the gun problem as the NRA.
Lincoln Mitchell

The result of this is that if the Democrats regain control of Congress, the NRA will have very little leverage over them.

Oh they will indeed. Just like the elections post-1994 AWB. You people really don’t learn from history.

If you think that any discussion of changing our gun laws is a threat to the constitution, that hunters and sportsmen genuinely have a right to weapons of war, making it more difficult to get a gun will mean only criminals have guns, if everybody has a gun we will all be safe or any of the other increasingly bizarre rationales we hear from the NRA for refusing to revisit our national gun laws, continue to vote Republican. If not, the only way to change this is elect a Democratic congress.

Well they do have a right to military-grade arms. Just go read v. Miller:

…part of the ordinary military equipment, or that its use could contribute to the common defense.

Which itself borrowed heavily from Aymette vs. The State which clearly held that the 2nd Amendment protects arms that are specifically suited to “civilized warfare”. As long as gun-control advocates cling to the notion that the 2nd Amendment is only about hunting and sporting, they will lose no matter who is in Congress.

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