Guns in America Are Losing
Dave Malouf

So many minutes you wasted staring at your navel to come up with these mindless paragraphs. Pro Tip: this nonsense has been oft repeated by gun-control advocates since the mid 1980’s; you aren’t winning this culture war, you are, in fact, losing it. Your religion peaked in 1994 and has been dying ever since. Gun owners are better educated on every important, relevant facet of this debate; legal, technical, and applicable. We’ve won in the courts and legislatures far more often, for every anti-gun law passed in a deeply Blue state, half a dozen pro-gun laws are passed in the rest. We’ve expanded Concealed Carry Weapon permitting schemes to all 50 States. We’ve eliminated the possibility of banning handguns and, if you honestly read the Heller and Caetano decisions, made so-called “assault weapons” like the AR-15 protected from future Federal-level bans as well. The NICS is setting so many records for firearms sales that it’s now changing historical trends that have held since it was created. All of this is thanks to the willful ignorance of gun-control advocates like yourself. Your calls for useless legislation is the driving force behind this unprecedented shift in the gun-buying public. Training classes for firearms are packed, once sleepy firing ranges are now investing in major capital improvements to keep up with demand, new competitive shooting sports are being invented, demand for ammunition and reloading supplies is increasing faster than domestic production can keep up resulting in record levels of foreign-made import ammo being brought in for consumption. The NRA? I remember rather foolish articles in early 2012 calling the NRA a “paper tiger”. Not so much now, eh? They aren’t even the biggest part of it, while gun-control advocates focus their fear and ignorance on the NRA, more nimble and better equipped organizations like the SAF and GOA, and thousands of truly grassroots organizations are changing the legal landscape as you remain oblivious.

In the end, it really is fuck you. Your willful ignorance fear is going to keep fucking you and every other gun-control advocate because you simply can’t change from a 40 year old script you don’t know the history of.

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